Energy Drinks: Are They Good For Workouts?

When we exercise, we lose lots of body fluids and energy. That is the reason why we need proper hydration during our workouts. Different energy drink brands claim that their products can help you achieve more in your workouts. These products are meant to supply you with energy and rehydrate you at the same time. Before you buy any of those products, you should consider the following factors:

Ingredients – Most energy drinks contain caffeine, sugar, sodium, and vitamins. You should avoid products with high concentrations of sugar like glucose or fructose. Instead, look for products with higher sodium contents. Now, there are sugar free versions that are available in the market.

Quantity – You should not consume more than 600ml of energy drink before workout. To make sure that you follow this guideline, just buy the 500ml bottles. Energy drinks usually have side effects, especially when taken in large quantities.

Are energy drinks effective?

Are energy drinks effective - GymMembershipFeesIn terms of giving you enough energy for workouts, these drinks are really very effective. However, some of them have side effects so they should be taken in moderation. Some researchers suggested that energy drinks should be treated as drugs and not as ordinary beverages because of their high drug contents. If a person takes too much energy drinks, he can experience headaches, palpation, and even sudden heart attacks.

Is it the best drink for workouts?

There are many options when it comes to workout drinks, but are energy drinks the best? In choosing your work out drink you need to consider the hydration, fuel, and electrolytes and minerals that it provides. Here are the other drink options:

Water – This is the basic choice. Water naturally hydrates us and it is the safest drink. However, water cannot give you the fuel that you need for workouts. It is important to always have water in your bag for rehydration but you need to look for other sources of energy. Also, it does not enough electrolytes and minerals.

Vitamin Water – Based on its name, it is obvious that vitamin or vita water contains additional vitamins for the body. Though this drink effectively rehydrates you and gives you enough nutrients, it would not be able to provide you enough fuel for long, strenuous workouts.

Fresh Fruit Juices – Juices are very refreshing. They can give you high amounts of carbohydrates to fuel your workouts. Some juices can also hydrate you. However, they do cannot replace the electrolytes that you lost in sweating.

Sports Drinks – These drinks can hydrate us and replace the electrolytes that we lose through sweating. The sugar content of these drinks also provide enough carbohydrates that can be converted to energy and serve as the fuel for our workouts. These drinks are really good for workouts but again, its better to take them in moderation.

What is the difference between Energy and Sports Drinks?

Energy drinks usually contain high amounts caffeine while sports drinks do not contain any amount of caffeine. This makes sports drinks like Gatorade, safer than energy drinks like Red Bull. Both drinks can hydrate you and give you energy but if you want a safer source of electrolytes and energy, it is better to opt for sports drinks.


In the end, we may say that energy drinks can provide you strength before workouts but they are not the best option for workout drinks. It is better to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy breakfast when you workout. You can also take sports drink to give you a little boost of energy. If you want a complete diet plan with suggestions on drinks, you can go to gyms like Bally Total Fitness or XSport Fitness. The instructors can help you match your workout with your favorite drink.

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