Easy Fixes for the Most Common Excuses for Not Working Out Regularly

Easy Fixes for the Most Common Excuses for Not Working Out Regularly

What do you mean you’re not working out? There are plenty of good reasons why every doctor recommends that people work out regularly for their health.

If you don’t work out, then you’re likely not burning off enough calories so you become overweight. You don’t strengthen your muscles, so you get weaker. You’re not doing your heart any favors either. Working out is also great for stress relief, and it can even boost your mental health.

Plenty of people find excuses for not working out. If you’re one of these people—and you really do want to work out regularly—then here are some simple solutions to the most common excuses for not exercising:

“My Schedule’s Too Busy”

Okay, for many this might be a valid excuse. There’s work, and then family. You have plenty of chores to do, and then you also need to socialize. You still need 8 hours of sleep per night. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

So, to fix this, you’ll need to scrutinize your calendar carefully. List down everything you do within a week, and note how much time you devote to each activity. Which of these activities aren’t actually worth your time at all? Maybe you’re spending too much time on social media, or spending hours binge-watching TV shows. That means you can perhaps take out an hour from these useless activities and use that time for working out each day.

You don’t even have to spend an hour at your local gym. You can sneak in some exercises here and there, such as doing some squats while making dinner. Or you can just walk to the nearby mall instead of driving your car.

“I’m Too Tired”

This may be another valid excuse for a lot of people, especially the ones with busy schedules. When you do have some extra time, you just want to rest and sleep. You just want to relax.

But here’s the thing—working out can actually help you to relax. In fact, you might even sleep better at night if you work out regularly.

Also, even though exercising might tire you out physically, it might also energize you. Working out can lead to the release of endorphins that can boost your energy levels and even cheer you up. This isn’t just a short-term effect, either. In the long run, you simply become more energetic when you work out regularly.

You just have to start slow, and then gradually graduate to more reps and sets. Also, you can try various pre-workout drinks that might give you enough energy for your exercises. Even a cup of coffee can work.

“I Don’t Know What To Do”

So? You can always find out. The best way to gain knowledge is to get the guidance of a certified personal trainer. Lots of gyms offer those experts, who can customize a workout plan for you that factors in your fitness goals and your current physical abilities. Also, many gyms offer classes, led by a teacher who can tell you what to do.

Or you can try a fitness app. These are even less expensive than personal trainers, and some of them can also offer customized training plans. They also show videos on how you can perform the various exercises you need to do.

Gyms Are Expensive

This may be true for some gyms, but not for all gyms. Some gyms are like Blast Fitness, which offers great services and equipment for very reasonable monthly fees.

But again, you don’t really have to go to a gym. You can download a fitness app, and then do some exercises at home or at a local park. Heck, you can always use Google to find lots of suggestions on exercises you can do without expensive equipment.

Workouts are Boring

Since when? If they’re boring for you, then you’re just doing it wrong. Maybe you can attend gym classes that involve exercises that you find interesting, such as dancing. If you like something more aggressive, go with some martial arts classes.

Or even any class will do, as it’s not as boring if you’re working out with other people.

Even if you’re just running outdoors, you can make it more interesting by having a buddy join your runs.

In any case, at this point it should be obvious—there’s really no good excuse for not working out!

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