Don’t Go Into Kickboxing Workouts Without a Clue 

Kicks, punches and knee strikes are common moves in kickboxing workouts at CKO Kickboxing. These moves are just a few of the moves that come with the total body workout that burns 350-450 calories an hour, as well as improve coordination, balance and endurance.

But emphasis should also be made that kickboxing workouts aren’t your average cardio workouts, far from it! While you won’t be engaged in physical fights with others, you’re exposing your body to intense stress, too. You must then enrol in a kickboxing class with your eyes wide open, and here’s where to start.

High Intensity, High Impact Workouts

Undoubtedly, kickboxing workouts are among the most intense workouts offered in gyms along CrossFit. Beginners will find that kickboxing training is a full throttle, high impact, and high intensity workout with extreme demands on the body. Your entire body will be put to the test, your willpower will be pushed to its limits and you will question why you even thought that it’s doable.

You should already be physically fit, if possible, before enrolling in a beginner kickboxing class. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enrol in a class if you’re still on your way to becoming fit. You just have to be honest with the fitness instructor about your current physical condition so modifications can be made.

Your workouts will also increase in intensity as you become stronger. Be sure to welcome it since progression is key to preventing plateauing.

Total Body Workouts

With kickboxing workouts, nearly every muscle in your body will get a workout. You may even find muscles that you didn’t know you have after every workout, but it’s the kind of muscle discomfort that you will welcome. You won’t have to engage in other cardiovascular exercises, too, since kickboxing is the best there is.

You will exercise your core muscles as well as the muscles in your arms, legs and back. Your glutes will be put through the wringer, too, so much so that you will find it sore on most days. Again, it’s the kind of soreness that will pass with time and proper care.

Your body strength will improve as your muscles become stronger, of course. But it isn’t just your strength that will become better! Your flexibility will kick up a notch while your aerobic capacity will increase by leaps and bounds.

If you have joint issues, you should completely avoid kickboxing classes until you have your doctor’s approval. Kickboxing workouts aren’t low-impact exercises due to the jarring movements.

You may even become injured while punching the bag. The squats, roundhouse kicks and jabs can also place your body under extreme stress if you’re not yet physically fit as required. Listen to your body whenever you’re in class so you can stop when it’s necessary.

Kickboxing workouts aren’t martial arts classes! While you may be stronger to defend yourself, your kickboxing moves may not equate to martial arts moves. You should then be careful about being in possibly dangerous situations and thinking that your kickboxing classes will save the day.

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