Don’t Dread the Treadmill!

Many people dread the treadmill because there seems to be little variation that you can do while on it.  The activities that can be done on it appears limited to walking and running, thus, boredom can quickly set in. But this isn’t true as the treadmill is a great cardiovascular exercise equipment!

The trick is in seeing it in a new light – as a cardiovascular exercise equipment that you can actually play with. Here’s how you can stop dreading the treadmill and looking forward to using it.  

Go for HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been proven more effective in weight loss than brisk walking and running. This is because HIIT allows the body to burn more calories even when it’s at rest, usually 24 hours after the workout was finished.

Basically, HIIT means alternating between periods of intense activity and active rest. The intense activity can be sprinting for 60 seconds while the active rest can be brisk walking for 30 seconds.

You may want to work with a personal trainer at Fitness First to come up with the best possible HIIT program for your age, physical condition and fitness goals. You may engage in more intense HIIT with longer intense activity when you’re training for a marathon, for example.  

Increase the Incline

Modern-day treadmills now have an incline feature that adds to the challenge of running indoors. You can increase the incline by just a few degrees on your first try just so you get a good feel for it. You may then increase the incline as your body adjusts to the challenge.

Better yet, you can lift and lower the treadmill’s incline during your workout. You may be the subject of strange looks from your fellow gym-goers but the results will be spectacular. You should first slow down on the treadmill when changing inclines for safety reasons – you’re on the treadmill for exercise, not for injuries.  

Mix Up the Cardio and Strength Training

When you’re an expert user of the treadmill, your balance while on it will be better, too. You can then perform other activities while on it including:

  • Using light dumbbells, such as 2- or 5-pound weights, while brisk walking on the treadmill. Upper body exercises like shoulder presses and bicep curls can be performed.
  • Doing tricks, such as dance tricks, on the treadmill. You can watch YouTube videos of people doing these tricks but be careful as these can also result in injuries.

And while you’re on the treadmill, you can listen to your favorite workout music! Your workout will be better for it because your mind and body are both pumped up!  

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