Do These Exercises If You Want to Build A Bigger Chest

Description: Do you want to have a chest like Superman? Then perform these exercises regularly.

Men love girls with big chest. But do you also realize that girls also love being with guys that have a large, defined chest? After all, this part of the body is one of the first things that girls would notice in any man. Moreover, having a big chest ala Superman also suggests that you have the strength and power to impress any gal.

If you’ve always longed to have a muscular chest like a comic book hero then here are the top exercises you should be doing in gyms like Planet Fitness or Snap Fitness. These exercises should give you a very masculine look and get rid of those man boobs.

1. Bench Press

Any list of the best exercises for building a solid chest won’t be complete without mentioning the bench press. This exercise targets the pectoralis major as well as the other muscles in the chest, arms and shoulders such as anterior deltoids, triceps, and scapulae fixers. You can use a barbell or a pair of dumbbells for this exercise.

Aside from targeting the major muscles of the chest, the bench press is great because one, it is easy to spot and two, it is very easy to learn even for a gym noob. There are numerous bench-press programs that you can follow as well.

Just remember that in doing this exercise, your elbows should be kept tucked at 45 degrees to your side. The shoulder blades must also be pulled tightly back. Your grip should be no wider than shoulder width. Follow these tips so that you can maintain a good form and avoid injuries, especially to your shoulders.\

2.Chest Dips

Chest dips target the entire upper body. It can work out the shoulders, arms, and upper back aside from the chest. And it can give you that hormonal boost that can enable you to grow bigger muscles, tone your chest and get rid of those man boobs.

In fact a lot of gym rats say that chest dips are better than bench presses in building a bigger chest. They argue that one, it is a safer exercise to perform than bench press. Two, it can isolate the chest muscles better than any compound exercise for the chest.

How do you do chest dips? You can perform this workout in a gym like Fitness First. Place both your hands on two parallel bars. If you are at home, you can do it using two tables.

Support yourself up with the arms straight and the elbows locked. Your knees should be bent, so that your feet are behind you to balance your weight when you lean forward.

Lower your body slowly by bending at the elbows. While you do this, your feet or knees should not touch the ground. Breathe in while you do this.

Pause when your shoulders are level with the elbows. Breathe out and then gradually raise yourself back up to the original position. Repeat 8-10 times, while maintaining a good posture and a forward-leaning stance.

Gym veterans usually make this chest exercise a finisher for their workouts. But if you’re a novice gym goer, do this earlier in your set.

3.Incline Cable Flye

This is another exercise that should be included in your list of chest exercises. To perform this exercise, sit with stirrups in each hand. The stirrups should be attached to low cable pulleys.

Lie back on an inclined back support while you position the stirrups to each side of your chest. Slightly bend the elbows.

Then lower the stirrups outwards to the sides of the shoulders. Your elbows should be fixed in a slightly bent position. You’ll feel a stretch in the chest and shoulders, and this would be your cue to bring the stirrups back together above the upper chest until they are nearly together.

One advantage of this exercise is that you don’t need to be concerned with your balance when you are on the bench. Hence your focus will be on the chest.

4.Peck Deck Machine Workout

The peck deck is another chest exercise that is great for newbies. Unlike chest flyes which are hard to do because the arms have to be locked in a slightly bent position, the peck deck simplifies things as it allows you to work in just one pathway. Thus you don’t have to worry about balancing any weights with this exercise.

The peck deck, like the bench press, targets the pectoralis major and anterior delt muscles. This exercise should be the last in your chest workout. Repeat 10-12 times for three sets.

Now that you have known four great exercises for building a rock solid chest, go ahead and incorporate these workouts in your training. Be sure to maintain a good form while doing them, however. In as short as four weeks, you’ll see some improvement in your chest—guaranteed.

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