Daily Points Plus Allowance Calculator

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A weight loss program that has gained the attention of a lot of participants for some years already. They mainly target the obese segment of society but is not exclusive that they also accept those that merely just need to lose weight.

Initially, the Weight Watchers Points required participants to be on site for group discussions and counselling while assisting in the changing of lifestyle. Currently, they now have presence online for support, their private points menu and calculator.

With focus on balanced nutrition of low fat food, Weight Watchers have upgraded their program from the old setup to the new daily points plus allowance with a weekly bonus. At the start, they are given points daily according to gender, age, height, and weight.

These points will get deducted for every food the participant eats. Eating a Big Mac will cost the participant 14 weight watchers points and the daily point allowance gets deducted with 14 points. At the end of the week, bonus points are given as reward for sticking to the plan.

Weight Watchers has their own extensive table of food with corresponding points, and the breakdown of the nutritional value. The program, like any other, has its pros and cons. For one, there is a one-time registration fee and a weekly fee.