Crazy Ideas That Will Keep You Fit

Just like any other person, you dream of having a great body so that you can flaunt yourself in a bikini at the beach next summer. But the problem is it takes a lot of time and effort to get that wow figure. Perhaps, you started working out sometime in the past but you were not able to sustain your efforts because of a lot of things that stood in the way. Well, you have to force yourself to keep going if you want to get in shape. Just think: that guy you always wanted to date will not even give you a second glance right now. So, it’s time for you to think about crazy exercise ideas that are proven to keep you physically fit and in good shape.

1. Enroll in a gym that you can barely afford

Enroll in a gym that you can barely afford-GymMembershipFeesIf you spend good money for a valuable thing, you tend to appreciate it more and brag it about to your friends. This is the idea why you need to enroll in gyms like Bally Total Fitness or Fitness First. Get a membership plan that hurts your pocket but not too much. Better yet, enroll for an irrevocable program for three years or more so that you will be forced to go to the gym to get your money’s worth. Every time you feel lazy, just think about that money that is going down the drain and you will force yourself to get up and go.

2. Park your car farthest from the entrance of the building

Park your car farthest from the entrance of the building-GymMembershipFeesIf you are using your car in going to work, park it at the farthest spot from the building’s entrance. This will force you to take that short hike and help you perspire a bit before sitting down at your desk for the whole day.

The joints in your legs, knees, and feet will benefit a lot with the short workout you will be giving them every day. You will notice the difference when you are not feeling the aches and pains that your sedentary co-workers in the office are experiencing.

3. Don’t Use the Elevator

Don’t Use the Elevator-GymMembershipFeesIf your office is at the fourth floor, just take the steps and avoid the elevator. It will do well to your cardiovascular capacity. Of course, you can’t do this if your office is at the 100th floor of a building. But you can still use this idea to get your daily workout. If you need to be on the 100th floor, just drop at the 93rd floor and work your way up until you reach your office or wherever you want to go.

4. Buy a pet dog

Buy a pet dog-GymMembershipFeesThe fitness value of a pet dog escapes the consciousness of most people. Pets not only make their owners happy and settled, but also help them get physically fit. One of the responsibilities of a pet dog owner is to give his dog a regular walk outside the house. Of course, as you walk your dog, you are also getting your walking exercise for the day.

5. Throw your remote away

Throw your remote away-GymMembershipFeesWithout a remote, you will be forced to go punch the TV buttons to get to the channel that you want, increase or mute the volume, put it on and off, and so forth. If you don’t want to throw it, hide it in a secret place that you will find hard to remember. Isn’t that irritating? Yes, it surely is. But remember, you are forcing yourself to get fit. Using a remote is probably one of the everyday things that cause you to be in your ghastly shape right now. So, if you want to get fit and sustain it – ditch your remote.

6. Don’t hail a taxi, ride a bus

Don’t hail a taxi, ride a bus-GymMembershipFeesUsing a taxi is just similar to having a car. The only difference is that you are not driving, but you are still deprived of your needed physical activity. Why not use the bus? If you take the bus, you need to go to the nearest bus station. How can you go there? By walking, of course. The bus will not usher you right in front of your door. So when you reach your place, you have to walk to get to your door. That’s a lot of walking which will provide your body and your system their needed physical activity.

7. Place the alarm clock out of your reach

Alarm ClockPerhaps you felt the need to exercise early in the morning, but you just can’t seem to wake up early. In that case, buy an alarm clock and set it in a place farthest from your bed. When the alarm rings, it won’t stop until you get to it. But before getting to it, you need to walk, and by walking you are forced to shake up your body and re-animate your system.

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