Consider Going Commando On Your Workouts

Not everybody obviously is up for going commando – that means not wearing panties – during workouts. But if you consider its benefits for a moment, you may well agree that it makes sense! Think of it as paying for the basic Anytime Fitness prices for membership and getting more than what you bargained for – in a good way, of course.

We understand if you’re uncomfortable during your first time going commando in such a public place, especially when the movements involve opening your legs or squatting down. You’re justified if you feel so self-conscious about exposing yourself without an underwear on. You may even think that given the germ-filled environment of the gym, you will be better off with more coverage (i.e., with your panties on).  

No Panty Lines

If you aren’t into panty lines – we aren’t because these appear tacky on any outfit – then you will like going commando. Even when wearing seamless underwear, its lines tend to show up underneath yoga pants, leggings, and shorts. While these likely won’t affect your exercise performance and other gym-goers won’t mind them, you will probably mind.

You can wear a G-string or a thong underneath your workout leggings, yoga pants, or shorts but these aren’t comfortable during exercise. Yes, you may feel sexier with these skimpy underwear on but you will likely stop in the middle of your workout to fix a wedgie. You’re not maximizing your exercise sessions with one too many wedgies getting in the way.

No Irritations

Satin, silk and lace are also sexy materials used for underwear. But here’s the thing about these fabrics – these can irritate your skin, especially on your vaginal lips, when these become sweaty. These can’t wick moisture, too, and lace can rub up against the sensitive skin of your genitals.  

You can obviously wear nylon or cotton underwear since these are more comfortable. But these aren’t moisture-wicking fabrics either so your private parts will still feel sweatier than you need them to be.

And then there’s also the possibility that you may forget to pack a clean pair of panties in your gym bag. What then will you wear underneath your street or office clothes? This shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you went commando during your workout or you have already become comfortable with going commando regardless of your outfit.  

According to many obstetrician-gynecologists, there’s no scientific evidence about women having to wear underwear, too. Going commando may even decrease your risks of getting a bacterial or yeast infection for as long as you’re wearing moisture-wicking workout pants.

Think about it: When you wear underwear made from non-breathable fabric, the sweat in your genitals won’t evaporate as fast as when you’re wearing just moisture-wicking workout pants.

But don’t go commando unless you’re comfortable with it. If you go for it, you should choose workouts pants made from thick fabric, with an even thicker bottom for your genitals, and designed with comfort in mind. Wear it before your workout just to check that there are no areas that will rub against your labia too much.  

And don’t forget to wash your workout pants after every use; don’t wear it two days in a row just as you won’t wear underwear two days in a row. Invest in a few pairs, too, which will be less than the Anytime Fitness prices you paid for fitness classes anyway.  

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