Burning Calories with Everyday Tasks

It’s true that you can sure burn a lot of calories working out in a topnotch gym such as Mountainside Fitness. But doing chores around the house can help you burn off those pesky calories as well.


When you think about all the work you have to do when you’re gardening (raking, pulling weeds, planting seeds), you’re realize that you’re actually expending a lot of effort. And you’re burning a lot of calories along the way.

A full hour of gardening burns 416 calories, which is more than what you might burn from an hour of Pilates. The work focuses on the shoulder and abdominal muscles, and you can add some lunges along the way for maximum burn.

Washing the Car

Which is better: the local carwash that costs you money, or washing the car yourself so you burn off calories? Do it yourself, and you can burn off 343 calories per hour. You can try to do some stretches as you clean off the windows and the windshield, and you can always dance the time away as you play some danceable tunes.


It’s no wonder some workouts incorporate dancing, as this activity can burn off 260 calories per hour. That’s why it’s great when you do it while you’re washing the car, or any other chore you might have to do around the house.

Play with Your Kids

Not only does it strengthen your bond with your kids, but it also burns 231 calories per hour. Who knows, by doing this regularly, you might end up with fairly nice and obedient kids? Also, they might be nicer to you once you’re old.

Make Your Bed

This simple act can burn off 65 calories in about 15 minutes, so you can start the day right. That’s 260 calories per hour, which is similar to the calories you burn when you power-walk for a mile. You may not be a hotel worker to benefit greatly from this discovery, but this daily exercise is great when you think of all the days you do this simple task. 

Clean Your Windows

This can burn off anywhere from 170 to 250 calories for every hour of work. Doing this cancels out the calories you gained when you sneaked off with those 2 bags of potato chips.

You can also tweak your movements to optimize the process. You can squat every time you bend down to dip the sponge in the bucket. And when you wipe at the windows, you maximize your stretch.

Light Housework

This can include dusting, sweeping the floor, and various types of household cleaning. You can actually burn 240 calories an hour while you do this type of work. To make it even more effective, try pulling in your stomach every now and then for some core work.


There are very few people who admit to actually enjoy this chore. But perhaps fewer people would hate it if they knew that they’re also burning 171 calories per hour while doing this. You can also burn more calories by taking a few squats every now and then.

Washing the Dishes by Hand

Some kitchenware can’t be cleaned by the dishwasher, but at least you can burn off 171 calorie per hour by cleaning them by hand. And while you’re at it, maybe you can have a small step machine you can use while you’re on the sink.

Take a Hot Bath

Who says you need to work hard and endure pain and discomfort to burn calories? A new study has discovered that simply taking an hour-long hot bath in 104-degree F water can rival the effectiveness of brisk walking or yoga.

The increase in body temperature can burn off about 126 calories per hour. The body also releases heat shock protein that lowers blood sugar levels. It may be best to take this hot bath after a meal, as the heat also reduces the blood sugar spikes that usually happen right after eating.

Laugh a Lot

Yes, it’s funny to realize that you can burn an extra calorie or more when you laugh. An hour’s total worth of laughter can use up 78 calories. But if you binge-watch an entire season of a comedy show, that can get you a nice calorie burn to go with the laugh tracks.

Do the Laundry

This burns the same number of calories as laughter (78 calories per hour), though it isn’t as fun. But at least you know that this tedious chore has extra benefits. In fact, all that loading and unloading, folding and hanging can be as strenuous as a hundred sit-ups.

You can even improve the calorie burn by taking the clothes upstairs. Do it in batches, perhaps by person or by types of wardrobe, instead of just transporting one big pile. That way, you also give your legs a workout while the clothes are also easier to organize.

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