Building Stamina on an Indoor Bike

Don’t dismiss the stationary bike as a piece of exercise equipment for the oldies! You will find that it’s among the most useful equipment for building stamina, aside from the fact that it’s the preferred platform for low-impact exercise.

But don’t just get on a stationary bike for the sake of doing so. You have to choose the best gym where state-of-the-art indoor bikes are provided for gym-goers. Your best choice is the nearest Flywheel gym where indoor cycling workouts are offered; the Flywheel prices are also reasonable so you can sign up for as many classes as needed.  

Here, you will be able to build your stamina one pedal at a time. By the way, stamina refers to the ability to sustain physical effort for a prolonged period.  

#1 Increase Your Intensity

Since you’re not racing with anybody on a stationary bike, you may be tempted to keep a steady pace. While it has its merits, it isn’t exactly the best way to build your stamina.

You have to increase the intensity of your pace – or even better, adopt the principles of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to your indoor biking sessions. HIIT means alternating between short intervals of high-intensity cycling (i.e., sprint pace) with even shorter active rest (i.e., moderate pace).

The best way to know when you’ve increased intensity: Your body has the feel-good burning sensation that signifies your muscles have been working fast and hard.  

#2 Decrease Your Recovery Time and Resistance

Building muscle endurance means pushing your muscles nearly to their physical limits that, in turn, demands limiting recovery time. Depending on your current physical level, your recovery time between each cycling set can be between 30 and 90 seconds. You may start with a 90-second recovery period but decrease it as you build up stamina.  

Did you know that cycling can also be a great way for circuit training? Ask your personal trainer or fitness instructor at a Flywheel class about it today.  

#3 Get Rested Away from the Gym

But avoid pushing yourself too hard that you spend too much time at the gym. Your body needs rest and relaxation. In fact, it’s the best way to let your body recover from the injuries sustained during your intense cycling workouts.  

Besides, there’s also the matter of burnout and plateau in exercise.  When you constantly push your body to its limits, your intensity becomes progressively lower. You may find yourself hating the gym and exercise so your gains in stamina may be for naught.  

And always be safe on an indoor bike! Perform warm-up and cool-down exercises, just as you would with any piece of exercise equipment.  

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