Building Blocks of Fitness No Matter Your Age

Staying active no matter your age is a must! The benefits of physical exercise cannot be overemphasized but many people still skip on it in the belief that they can always take it up in the future. But there’s no better time than today to start on the building blocks of fitness.


Your balance is important in all the things you do, whether you’re moving around or you’re stationary. Your balance is a must in maintaining stability, posture and the quality of your movements, as well as reduces the fear of falling and the risk of falling itself.

The best exercise for balance include tai chi, yoga, and flexibility exercises. You should even take up yoga when you’re a bodybuilder.


You cardio endurance is also a must for your daily life activities, such as running errands, doing household chores, and performing work-related tasks. You will also appreciate improved stamina when you’re engaged in strenuous physical exercise for obvious reasons.

Cardio workouts increase your heart rate and muscle group coordination, among other benefits. Try cardio workouts that you can actually enjoy, whether it’s brisk walking or tennis, so that you can stick to the program. Add variety, too, so as to ward off boredom and plateaus.


You will look, feel and move better when your body’s joints can move freely – and without pain, for that matter – through their full range of motion. Your body will stay limber, too, a great quality for your daily activities from tying your shoes to playing with your friends.

Stretching exercises including calisthenics are great for flexibility. Yoga is also recommended for this reason.  


You should also build up your muscle strength and stamina since these are as important in daily life as cardio endurance and balance. You don’t have to worry about being too bulky like the professional bodybuilders competing in Mr. Olympia, if it’s not your goal. You can be strong without being muscular.

Bodyweight exercises as well as strength training exercises using free weights, elastic bands, and machines are great choices. Go up a notch by engaging in power training, a type of strength training performed at a faster speed for increasing reaction times and muscle power.

When you and your personal trainer at American Family Fitness are planning your workout program, you will likely include all four building blocks. Your results will be better for it, too, since each building block complements the others. You will enjoy a fitter body with better balance, flexibility, cardio endurance, and muscle strength.  

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