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They may not be of good reputation at the first instance that your hear it, but it is not so every time. Body fat is something generally treated as a misfortune to someone but, in truth, there are good body fat and there are those that need to be thrown away.

Internal body fat, as opposed to fat from food, are mainly classified as white, brown, and beige cells. These are stored in the body as subcutaneous, visceral, or essential fat

Each type of fat has different roles to play such as hormonal balance, healthy metabolism and some fat can contribute to the onset of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

White Fat

This type of fat is generally of the essential kind since these are needed for energy and has the primary role for hormones like insulin, cortisol, growth hormone, leptin, and estrogen. 

Brown Fat

This fat is typically found in babies, but adults may also have this in the neck. This fat helps in burning fatty acids.

Beige Fat

This is relatively new for research and functions between a white and brown fat.


As the name implies, this is needed for the proper functions of hormones in general.


Fat under the skin in combination of all three colored fat and happens to be where the majority of all fat is located.


Fat inside the belly and around the internal organs that can bring in disease.