Body Control And Awareness From Pilates

Pilates may initially seem like a low-impact physical fitness system but it isn’t per se. You will find that the specific exercises can be customized according to the fitness goals of each individual. Your personal Pilates coach can then make it easy or difficult.

But it isn’t just its low-impact nature that attracts more and more people to Pilates. The improved sense of body control and awareness are also part of its enduring appeal. Both of these benefits are useful in everyday life and in athletic performance, even in dance, where individuals must know where their bodies are in space.  

Body Awareness

Many people have a disjointed sense of their bodies despite their excellent fitness. This can increase the risk of injuries because there’s little sense of where each part of the body is in relation to the rest, not even in relation to the space it occupies.

With regular Pilates classes, fortunately, your sense of body awareness increases. You know how your body parts work in relation to one another, and how each of your movements affect the rest, and how changing your position makes your body safer.

The increased sense of body awareness is of special importance to dancers and athletes. But even ordinary persons will enjoy the benefits of Pilates, thus, the classes at YogaWorks are usually filled with them.

Body Control

The Pilates exercises also enhance the ability for safe and effective body movements – or body control, if you will. You can move from one movement to the next with a minimum of effort yet generate maximum results, a combination that athletes love.  You will also be able to move your body parts in a way that enhances their synergy.

Body control is, of course, a must when performing strength training and flexibility exercises. You have better control over your form, posture and technique, even in which muscles should be at work and which ones shouldn’t be in a specific exercise. You should know by now the importance of proper form and posture in exercise.  

Pilates may not seem like it increases the strength of your muscles – it’s more known as a cardio and flexibility exercise system, after all. But it’s actually one of the best low-impact systems that promotes a stronger core (i.e., abdominal muscles and its supporting muscles). The increased core strength comes from the fact that many of the Pilates movements target the core muscles.  

The next time you’re taking a break from your strength training exercises or you’re planning on flexibility training, be sure to consider Pilates.  

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