Best Tools for Maintenance and Workout Recovery

Best Tools for Maintenance and Workout Recovery

Not every gym has massage and spa areas for their members. It would have been nice if every gym had the massage and relaxation areas offered by gyms like Equinox Fitness, which offers massage and spa services, aromatherapy, and even anti-aging facials. Besides, that might be a bit too pricey for a lot of people.

Still, you can get some great tools to help with maintenance and recovery after your workout. Here are some products you might want to consider getting:

EiR Muscle Rub

The skincare and grooming brains at EiR offer this fantastic Muscle Rub for your tired muscles, and it’s truly something. It offers a bit of stimulation for tired muscles, and that’s even better for recovery.

This lightweight oil is actually formulated with capsicum. If you don’t know what capsicum is, it’s what males chili peppers hot. This gives off a subtly pleasant heat for a mild burn that truly feels great for your muscles.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max Mattress

Just about every health expert will tell you that you need regular good sleep to be healthy, and workouts are great for inducing that. But if you’re not getting good sleep on a regular basis, it might be because you’re using the wrong mattress. And this mattress will help.

Basically, this high-tech mattress comes with medical-grade sensors that accurately track data such as your sleeping movement, your respiratory rate, and even your heart rate. The Eight Sleep app then gathers and tabulates the data, and does something about it automatically.

That’s because the mattress actually features built-in cooling and heating elements, and it can make real-time adjustments depending on your particular needs. So, it can track your sleeping personal history and even monitor the real-time bedroom temperature and make changes. No longer will you wake up at 2am simply because you’re feeling overheated, as the bed will change the temperature automatically.

Therabody Recovery Air

It’s true that compression therapy boots are great, as they squeeze your muscles with targeted bags of air to encourage circulation and reduce swelling. But traditionally, they were only for the rich and famous (such as pro athletes) because they were expensive.

But with this Therabody boots, even ordinary folks can afford to enjoy these benefits. They’re still not really cheap, but the price is a bit more reasonable now.

Core by Hyperice Meditation Trainer

Yes, meditation helps with your health, as it can fight off stress and reduce your anxiety levels. But the problem with phone-based meditation apps is that it’s hard to commit using all that text and Slack lighting.

But then you have this spherical device that you can hold in your hand. It uses vibrations to tell you when to inhale and exhale, so you can just close your eyes. It even collects biometric data by measuring your heart rate and nervous system so you can get a customized meditation process.

It’s not always easy to meditate, but it’s much easier with this Core device.

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