Best Apps for Strength Training in 2023

Best Apps for Strength Training in 2023

Weightlifting apps come with several features such as exercise demonstrations, tracking workout statistics, and advice on rest days and exercise alternatives. Below are the best weightlifting apps you can choose from:

Alpha Progression – Best Overall

Alpha Progression is an app with powerful features designed to help you track workouts more efficiently, using artificial intelligence for a more customized program. It has an extensive exercise video library, easy logging and detailed descriptions. It generates personalized workouts and strength-based fitness plans created for your specific equipment, fitness level, and goals.

Alpha Progression’s ability to track and log workouts effortlessly and provide reliable recommendations for you, specifically.

JEFIT – Best Free Version

JEFIT is a free app that includes clear video demos, allowing you to log each exercise easily. It has over a thousand exercises to choose from and has gained such a large number of downloads because of its robust free version. JEFIT allows you to create a plan, track your progress, and review the results.

BodyFit – Best for Bodybuilding

BodyFit is a premium workout app from which offers 2,500+ workouts, 3,500+ exercises and 90+ coaching plans. The app’s workouts and routines are largely geared towards bodybuilding. The app’s strength lies in expertly designed programs, and its exercise demonstrations are helpful for beginners who need additional pointers on how to execute each exercise correctly.

Fitbod – Best for Beginners

Fitbod is an award-winning fitness app that uses AI to generate customized workout plans. It is affordable and has plenty of positive reviews. It also builds a motivating environment that keeps you excited about working out. The app interprets previous workouts and takes into consideration your overarching goal, equipment available, and creates customized workouts that stay challenging but achievable.

Pliability – Best for Recovery

Pliability (once called ROMWOD) is a mobility app featuring 1,500+ routines designed to help you recover faster, move better and boost athletic performance. Recovery needs to become a priority in your weekly fitness sessions if you’re serious about lifting weights. Pliability makes recovery simple and enjoyable by helping you reach new personal bests and pushing your limits.

Whether you have a gym membership at Snap Fitness, Fitness First or Max Fitness, having a strength training app will always come in handy.

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