Benefits of Kickboxing for Your Mental Health

Benefits of Kickboxing for Your Mental Health

Kickboxing is becoming increasingly popular these days with gyms like ILoveKickBoxing and UFC Gym, and this comes as no surprise. After all, it is a great form of all-around exercise, boosting not only one’s strength but also improving cardiovascular health. But kickboxing gives you more than just health and physical benefits – it’s also great for your mental health.

Kickboxing is a combat sport in which two participants direct forceful strikes using their elbows, hands, shins, knees and feet toward the other. The following are its benefits to your mental health:

1. Kickboxing Improves Mood

During a period of stress, the mind needs to let go of mental pressure by means of physical action. Punching and kicking a heavy bag gives you the opportunity to channel your emotions and stresses, offering temporary relief and at the same time boosting the production of endorphins. Not only that, but it also reshapes any chemical imbalances brought about by stress and anxiety.

Improvements in mood in general can be observed when engaging in physical activity which pushes the brain to release endorphins – chemicals that regulate mood and feelings of euphoria, happiness and excitement.

2. Kickboxing Busts Stress

Studies show that regular exercise can build an individual’s resiliency to stress through endorphin production. Kickboxing requires intense cardiovascular demand which also heightens the release of endorphins.

3. Kickboxing Improves Self-Confidence

Beyond fitness, kickboxing enables you to advance personal growth and technical skills. Persevering in this martial art improves self-esteem and improve your opinion of your own capabilities. Kickboxing has been found to help with mental toughness, resiliency, optimism, motivation and self-confidence.

4. Kickboxing Improves Your Ability to Complete Tasks

Every time you complete a kickboxing session you become more motivated to improve yourself and you feel that you are able to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. This belief in yourself and enhanced motivation will let you become more productive in other aspects such as your career and personal life.

5. Kickboxing Improves Memory, Sharpness and Focus

Kickboxing combinations are complex and require mental effort. You need to remember the order of the steps and be able to focus completely on what’s in front of you. Challenging yourself stick to a pattern for one whole round can help advance your memory, mental sharpness and focus.

Cardio Kickboxing vs. Traditional Kickboxing

In large gyms like Gold’s Gym you’ll come across “cardio kickboxing.” If you want an aerobic workout and not really focused on learning technical skills, this class will suit you. But if you want to learn the fundamentals of kickboxing there are training centers that can offer you this, as well as advance your skills in kickboxing.

Kickboxing is a wonderful stress reliever that will not only improve your fitness and personal wellbeing but also boost confidence, focus and mood. With all the wonderful benefits it offers, there’s absolutely every reason for you to give this workout a try so that you too can have improved mental health.

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