Be Consistent In Your Training

Beginners understandably think that intensity is the most important element of athletic training, and then they are surprised that it isn’t, far from it. Veteran athletes and personal trainers at 24 Hour Fitness agree that consistency is the answer!

Consistency is crucial in building progressively higher levels of physical strength, stamina and endurance, and flexibility. With consistent training, your body gradually adjusts to the increasing strains and stresses placed upon it by a fitness regimen. You will then be at less risk for injuries and illnesses caused, either directly or indirectly, by too much training too soon.

But how can you build consistency in your training? Here are a few ways to consider.  

Formulate a Personalized Training Plan

Dwayne Johnson’s workout plan – or any of the fitness icons you look up to – may seem awesome but it isn’t for everybody. In fact, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all training plan because of individual differences in age, physical condition, lifestyle, and fitness goals.

You must then make a personalized training plan suited to your specific needs and wants, preferably with a personal trainer. You will be more likely to follow your training schedule because it has been drafted according to your needs.

Set Your Priorities Straight

Many people think that the best athletes are almost completely focused on their training that everything else fade into the background. This isn’t true either because the best athletes adopt a balanced approach in their lives. Call it setting your priorities straight where your family, friends, and work should also be a significant part of your life.

How does this affect your consistency? You will be less likely to experience training burnout because you’re not involved in it 24/7, in a manner of speaking. You will, in turn, be more enthusiastic about returning to your workout and, thus, be consistent.  

Of course, your determination to stick to your training plan is still key here. You have to exercise willpower to get up from your bed and get to the gym for your workouts. You will have good days and bad days, and the best way to deal with them is to think about your fitness goal.

Also, your personal trainer can become your best buddy in keeping a consistent training plan. You may, for example, ask him to call you before your training schedule and give motivation to show up. But in the end, it’s still your decision.

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