Adults Over 45 Do Not Meet Muscle Strengthening Guidelines

Do muscle training even if you’re 45. Be a young 45 and strengthen your muscles with these training rules…

A common misnomer among older adults is that weight control and muscle strengthening can only be done by people under 40.  So very not true according to the Center for Disease Control.

According to a latest study, the CDC released a study revealing that most 45 year adults fail to exercise, alongside Hispanics, people over 85, obese, women and widows.  There seems to be a lack of effort to exercise and do strength training, perhaps because of the belief that people over 45 years cannot do strength training anymore.  Only 24% of the respondents stated that they engage in strength training.  The government survey included yoga, sit-ups push-ups, weights, use of elastic bands and weight machines in the category of muscle strengthening activities.

With the proper diet, lower fat intake, and muscle strengthening, a fit body can still be achieved.  This will only be attained by discipline and proper time management.  Exercise will not only make your health improve but increase longevity and endurance.

to increase muscle strength-GymMembershipFeesHere are ways to increase muscle strength especially if you’re over 45.

1. Smith Machine Squats – 12 reps, 3 sets

Place yourself under the bar. Then with both palms gripping on the bar, carry the bar until you reach a squatting position.  Hold and put it back up. This is a good exercise that strengthens the neck, shoulders, and glutes.

2. Lying Leg Curl – 15 reps, 2 sets

On the bench, lie on your stomach and grab the handles.  Put legs under the lever pads. Raise your legs and carry the lever pads and slowly put them down.  This exercise strengthens the hamstrings.

3. Standing Calf Raises – 15 reps, 2 sets

Using the calf raise machine, place yourself under the pads with the center of your feet on the bar below.  Make sure that the pads are just over your shoulder.  Then slowly raise yourself up while holding the bars on the side.  This exercise strengthens the legs, shoulders and back.

4. Barbell Bench Press – 15 reps, 2 sets

Lie down on the bench and grab the barbell with palms facing up.  Breathe in and start carrying the barbell down to your chest.  Breathe out as you put the barbell back to its original position.

5. Lat Pulldown, 15 reps, 3 sets

Sit on the bench of the pulley, holding on the bar with arms wide.  Then start pulling on the bar till it reaches the back of your neck.  This exercise is great for the shoulders nd arms.  Not to mention the strength that it adds to the back.

6. Machine Shoulder Press – 12 reps, 3 sets

This exercise uses the Smith machine shoulder press.  Reach for the handle bars with your legs firmly on the floor.  Pull the bars till you lower the bar to shoulder level.  This is a great machine exercise that strengthens the arms and shoulders.

7. Triceps Ropes Pushdown – 12 reps, 2 sets

This excellent triceps exercise makes use of the pulley.  Stand in front of the pulley and start pulling the rope, with palms facing away from you.  Then start pulling slowly from torso level to lower thighs level.  Make sure that your feet are apart, firmly placed on the floor.

8. Leg Press – 12 reps, 2 sets

Sit on the bench of the bench press machine and grab the bars on the sides.  Put your legs behind the paddles and lift the weight slowly.  This is a good exercise to firm your buttocks and legs.

9. Low Pulley Row – 12 reps, 2 sets

To perform this exercise, sit on the chair of the low pulley row machine.  With use of a V bar and your feet firmly in place on the pads, pull the bar as far as you can.  Then return to your original position.

10. Seated Leg Curl – 12 reps, 2 sets

Using the leg press, use the same method but with the lever on top of your thighs.  Make sure that the padded weights are over your legs.  While lifting the weights with your legs, hold on to the grips on the sides.

For intense workout like these, light cardio exercises are advised beforehand.  These are exercises that include brisk walking on the treadmill or slow bicycling.

It’s never too late to start or re-start your muscle strengthening techniques.  The best way to start is always to consult a personal trainer from Gold’s Gym, Goodlife Fitness, Orange Theory Fitness, Anytime Fitness or Curves, and ask them to orient you on how the machines should be used.  A spotter is usually assigned to help you with weightlifting.

It’s never too late for a muscle strengthening workout.  You will definitely feel younger and more agile afterwards.

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