Address All Your Trouble Areas with One Amazing Workout

Everybody wants a firm body especially for key problem areas like the arms, core and thighs. That said, an exercise that specifically targets these problem areas should be tried. Actually, there are exercise routines that can effectively improve these specific body parts but why do several different workouts when you can just do one?

Arm Workout

Figure 8’s

This is a core and arm exercise that uses a 5-pound medicine ball. Hold the ball with both hands and stand with feet apart. Hold the ball toward to one side of your head then slowly move in a pattern making a number “8.” Continue this movement for at least twenty repetitions then do the same pattern in the opposite direction for another twenty repetitions.

Crab Toe Touch

Crab Toe Touch - GymMembershipFeesStart from crab position then extend your arm to tap your opposite foot. Then, use your other hand to tap your opposite foot and repeat the process. Make sure that your elbows are straightened as you do this. Do ten repetitions alternating each arm and a total of three sets.

Core Workout

Ab Balancing “V.”

Sit on the ground. Your feet should be level to the floor while your knees are bent. In each hand, hold a five-pound medicine ball. Start by lifting your feet off the floor until you are balancing in a “V” position. While you are on this position, lift your arms toward the sides and do a pulsing move towards the ceiling. Make sure that your knuckles are facing upwards and do this for about sixty seconds.

Hand Foot Plank Lift Off

Aside from being a good exercise for balance and body coordination, planking is also best for developing the core, shoulders and back. Start with planking position with your elbows beneath your chest and your fingers outstretched. Make sure that you do not put much tension either on your elbows or your fingers. Raise your feet individually and alternating. Keeps your hips high and continue the movement for at least sixty seconds.

Lower Body Workout

Leg lift

Lie flat on your back. Put your arms on your sides and raise one leg towards the ceiling. Make sure that your leg is straight and your knee is not bent. Then, raise your hips off upwards. Hold for about one minute then repeat with the other leg. This will burn your fat in your butt and leg. Repeat the exercise for ten times with each leg.

Plie Squat Pulse

Stand with your legs spreading wide and toes facing outward to the sides. Do a prayer position while you bend your knees to squat. Try to make a 90-degree angle and do the pulse movements for about 3 inches. Repeat and continue to at least 12 repetitions.

Full Body Workout

Goblet Pulse Squats

Stand while holding a 5-pound medicine ball or anything with the same weight. Keep it close to your chest. Bend your knees and squat down while your chest and the head remains straight up. Keep your back straight at well. When you reach this second position, pause and begin pulsing your knees out with the use of your elbows. Do 15 repetitions of this exercise.

Push Up Jacks

In this exercise, you will do both push-ups and jumping jacks. This will surely make your heart pump and shred pounds from your body. First, get into your plank position with your arms and shoulders apart. Keep your feet together and your toes stay on the ground. Then start a doing the push-up then as you come back, hop the feet out and slightly wider than the first position. Then hop back in repeating the first position. Do 15 repetitions of this exercise.


It is important to do adequate workout routines every day, but a healthy diet should not be taken for granted. This will not only help you gain energy to do more complex moves, but proper diet also improves your overall fitness health. So, even if you regularly visits gyms like LA Fitness or Planet Fitness and do complex routines but living in an unhealthy lifestyle, do not expect that you will gain the result you want. Make sure that you exercise and eat healthy at the same time.

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