A Powerhouse Gym Guide To Ensuring Your Cardio Helps You Lose Weight

People who go to Powerhouse Gym understand the struggle of losing weight. Shedding those extra pounds ca be difficult sometimes. Maybe you have a desk job and lost sight of your fitness goals, or you have a health condition that predisposes you to having a heavier figure. Despair not, because with the following tips you will be well on your way to slimming down and becoming a healthier version of yourself.


To obtain your desired intensity you must know your maximum heart rate. Weight loss requires that you push this level higher and higher in order to burn calories. Intense work outs approach the maximum heart rate and are maintained for short bursts, to ensure maximal calorie burn.

Intensity - GymMembershipFeesFor weight loss the two levels of intensity are moderate and high. Moderate intensity is calculated at 60 to 70% of your maximum pulse rate. High intensity is 70 to 80%. Typically for weight loss you will alternate between this two in short bursts, and for rest periods you can do longer low intensity cardio which is 50 to 55%.


In one workout session, you cannot have a high intensity workout throughout as you will burn yourself out very fast and increase your chances of injury. A low intensity workout on the other hand does very little towards your goal of weight loss. To get the best results, alternate between 15 second bursts of high intensity cardio and 30 second rest periods of low intensity cardio. Keep this up till the end of your session and expect to see progress very soon.


Next time you think of ditching The Little Gym for a walk in the park, remember that for weight loss high impact training is key. Exercises like walking and swimming are low impact and take a very long time to achieve results. On the other hand running and jumping jacks are a swift ride on the way to shedding fat and attaining that slimmer body.

Whole Body Activities

To lose weight faster it is essential to engage the whole body in the process. Jumping jacks and jumping rope when added to your running schedule greatly enhance the speed of results. Simply running will get you amazing results but after a slightly longer period of time than if you got your entire body into the mix. That Zumba class could help you lose weight faster, as you swing your hips, move your hands and step around.


For a single week, anyone looking to shed pounds should do between 250 to 300 minutes of cardio. This should comprise a mix of high and moderate intensity exercises. Instructors can help you draw up a plan, that can be spread out through the week helping you achieve maximal goals within this time. Doing high intensity workouts will call for shorter durations, but low intensity work outs will require a longer duration to achieve any observable results.


This is essential to any workout routine, and more so for those seeking to burn fats. A diet high in protein is recommended as muscle helps burn calories. Obviously you must cut down on the high fat foods, especially animal fats and opt for healthier vegetable fats. Carbohydrates should be maintained, but go for complex carbs and consume them in smaller amounts. Always drink plenty of fluids.

We believe that goals are unique to the individual. This is why instructors help you set you short term and long term goals, so that they fit into your lifestyle and can be carried out at your pace. So check out Power House Gym and let them help you lose that weight.

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