7 Underrated Workouts You Should Consider Trying Soon

You certainly will not run out of options when it comes to getting in better shape. There are tons of different workouts that you can try out. Opting for the most popular ones can mean easier accessibility, more information about the workout, and a bigger community. However, if you want something new and different, you might also want to explore other choices for a change.

There are lots of underrated workouts that are not getting the hype they deserve for one reason or another. In some cases, people don’t even consider them as solid options which can explain why they’re not very popular. However, there are many that are just totally overlooked but are still perfectly excellent workouts. It’s a shame but that’s how it is.

If you want to give them a try, here are a few options that might tickle your fancy: 


You might be thinking, how can rowing be considered underrated when even specialty fitness chains like Lucille Roberts offer such activities? Well, this might be true but the rowing machine is also one of the most commonly ignored in the gym.

Why? There are lots of misconceptions about this workout starting with the belief that it’s just for the back and arms. The pulling motion is indeed good for the lower back and arms but it also strengthens the core and legs without being too hard on the joints. As a result, it’s an excellent workout for folks of all ages.

Since the rowing machine tends to get ignored in the gym, it can be a great thing for you if you don’t like waiting up for others to finish. It can also promise you an opportunity to practice social distancing since not a lot of other gym-goers will be in the area of these machines.  

Brisk Walking

Not a lot of people consider walking around to be a good workout and many tend to make fun of brisk walking in general. However, it’s still a very good form of exercise as it will give you the same benefits as running without the strain on the lower body joints. 

In addition to these, it’s also quite good for battling stress and anxiety as those deep breaths you’ll be taking can help clear your mind. It will also take you outside so if you choose to do it on a nature trail, being around some greenery will be beneficial to you as well.


Crunches used to be a very popular form of workout as it promised flat and toned tummies. That was until some studies proved that you can’t really target fat loss in certain body parts just with exercise. Then someone said that it’s bad for the back as it can be too strenuous and crunches faded into the background.

However, a recent study is out to turn the tables and restore this workout to the top. As it turns out, it’s one of the only 5 ab workouts that can effectively strengthen the abs and help with back pain. 

It’s important, however, that you execute this workout properly if you want to get its benefits. Make sure that you’re doing crunches and not sit ups.


Jumping is another form of workout that has lots of excellent health benefits. It will give you a great cardio session, boost bone density, and even train your coordination in most cases. Unfortunately, it’s a bit strenuous on the knees and lower body joints so it’s not as popular as it should be.

The best thing about jumps is that there are so many different ways to go about it. You can just jump in place repeatedly as an addition to your workout. You can do jumping jacks to make things more challenging or use a skipping rope. 


Working out on the stairs is another option you should seriously consider. It offers a lot of great opportunities and can even be enjoyed for free if you have access to a long one near you. Aside from the chance to get some exercise outside which can be safer during these times, you can also challenge yourself and enjoy a great range of movements. It’s excellent for cardio and strength training and will also boost your coordination.  


Burpees are popular but not always because people love them. In fact, people love to hate them because they’re pretty brutal. They’re also not as cute as some routines so they’re just not highly preferred by many. However, they’re amazing forms of exercise as they can target lots of muscle groups effectively. They can also be done quickly and just about anywhere, so they’re extremely versatile.


Like burpees, pushups are popular but not because people love to do them. They’re mostly famous because they’re classic and most of us grew up with them. 

It’s honestly quite a shame that they’re underrated as they tick all the boxes for an amazing exercise. They promise strength training, are quite easy to do, can be done just about anywhere, and can be changed up in a myriad of ways. They also target different muscle groups and are very effective.

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