6 Reasons Why Bowling is Big Nowadays

If you drop by Red Rock on the weekends – even on weekday nights – chances are you’ll find it is packed with people. In fact you’ve probably got friends, family and colleagues who are into the sport as well. Just what is it about bowling that makes it appealing to so many?


Unlike golf and other leisure activities, bowling is affordable. The balls and equipment in bowling alleys are inexpensive, and you can buy bowling ball and shoes in any sporting goods store.  

Bowling alleys offer affordable lane rent or you can pay per game. So whether you’re bowling with a large group or just a friend or two, you’ll have different payment options. It is this kind of flexibility that gives the game appeal.

Easy to Pick Up

Few sports are as easy to learn as bowling. Just pick up a bowling ball and try to take down all the pins. Sure there are nuances to the game and strategies that you can use. But if you’re just in it for fun, it’s an uncomplicated leisure activity that young and old alike can enjoy.

Can be Played in Different Ways

You can play the game alone or with family and friends. You can play in a competitive manner or approach it leisurely. There are bowling balls for beginners and advanced players, and bowling alleys offer different methods for play.

Stress Reliever

Bowling is great for relieving stress. Unlike other games you don’t have to memorize any complex rules. Just throw the ball down and go for the strike. It’s a great way to take your mind off work or to just relax and unwind.

Just Fun

There is no other way to put it. Bowling is fun. There is something about putting that ball down and seeing those pins tumble over each other. It is also more challenging than one might expect. It takes practice to take down those pins, and that is part of the fun.

Good for the Body and Mind

Bowling may be a simple leisure activity, but you’ll be getting quite a bit of workout. In addition to the physical benefits, it’s also good for your mind as well. While you’re active, you also feel relaxed and the game makes you feel good.


As you can see there are a lot of reasons why bowling is so popular.  If you haven’t gotten into the game yet, well it’s time you did

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