5 Reasons Why Your Workouts Feel Like It is Not Working

Have you ever felt like your workout in Equinox hasn’t exactly been going the way you would have hoped? Not getting any muscle pains? Or feel like you haven’t been getting too tired while you’re on the treadmill? Then it must mean that you are doing something wrong with your workout routine or you have reached the work out plateau that most people dread. Sometimes people don’t notice that they are already making the wrong decisions while at the gym in terms of selecting which part of the body they should be concentrating on.

If you do not know what exactly you are doing wrong, here are some ways on how to find out why your workouts don’t exactly feel like they are productive:

  • Maybe the workouts you choose are not really for you – There are people out there who are committed to looking for the easy way out when it comes to loosing weight. Some will try a workout and then discover that they can’t finish it or it is just too intense for them to try. Its either the workout is too challenging and your body cannot take it, or you are lacking on intensity, which is why it is hard for you to see results. Nothing ever comes easy, that’s why it is always important to stay focused and consistent. Look for a work out that you find enjoyable and stick with it, even though you feel like it isn’t working for you, the results come faster because you are putting all your effort into the workout. Try sports or dancing while at the gym, that way you hit two birds with one stone, you are enjoying and working out at the same time.
  • You skip sleep – Sleep is very important, especially during workouts. Without the proper sleep means that it could make you feel sluggish and un- energized. Sleep means rejuvenation and repair time for your muscles, if you were out late last night and find that it is so hard to go to the gym the next morning, then your workout will most likely not work. 
  • You take too many breaks – It is ok to take a break once in a while, but if you go overboard, then what is the use of going to gym and trying to shed of some extra pounds. More than anything, taking breaks will just give you more excuses and reason for you not to work out. If you really want to achieve your fitness goals, then it is important that you maintain a certain balance so that you do not end up taking too many breaks at a time.
  • You hardly ever finish a work out – Ok, this has got to be the most common reason why people don’t ever get the results they want out of going to the gym. Are you the type of person who likes to jump on the bike, but after 5 or 10 minutes gets up and goes to another machine to focus on other parts of your body? The solution is very simple actually just finish a work out, and you’ll find that the more you finish the faster you will see results.

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