5 Reasons on Why You Should Lift Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights is a must, especially if you’re just starting out. It is the fastest way of gaining more muscle mass and it has tons of other benefits as well. You will notice that your body has become stronger, that your metabolism has increased, and that you will gain more confidence simply by lifting heavier weights.

You’ll get stronger quickly and you will build more muscle

Lifting light weights are fine for building endurance but if you’re planning on increasing your strength, then constant increases in your weight load is a must. You’ll gain more muscle mass since your body is adjusting itself to handle bigger and heavier weights. Add compound exercises such deadlifts, row, and squats and you will be surprised on how strong you’ve become.

You’ll have an easier time getting toned and maintaining your physique

The more muscle mass you gain the easier it is to burn fat. The reason for this is that muscle requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance, hence your body will be using its energy storage more often (A.K.A your fat cells). This also means that you will lose more fat if you continue lifting heavier and heavier weights.

Toning is simply sculpting and making your muscles leaner, two things are required for this:

  • Increasing muscle size and definition
  • Losing body fat

Since getting fat is hard for you now, then it would be much easier to focus on toning your muscles and creating a well-defined body.

You’ll gain more confidence

When you see yourself gaining muscle mass and having more muscle definition, you just can’t help but feel proud of yourself. It’s a really good feeling seeing that all your hard work has paid off.  You’ll have that surge of confidence which will push you into a mentality of breaking your limits.

You’ll develop mental fortitude

It takes grit and willpower to lift heavy weights that you’re not used to. Most people even give up after a few sessions. One thing that you should know is that when you are lifting heavy weights you are not only training your muscles but you are also training your mind as well.

After successfully lifting weights for a few months, you’ll realize that you have become more assertive and more willing to take on challenges. You’ll realize that your mind has become stronger and much better.

You’ll be prone to less injuries

One of the greatest benefits of lifting heavy weights is that it helps strengthen connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons. Lifting heavy weights actually helps prevent injuries (if you’re doing it right of course).

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