4 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Back Straight While in the Office

You spend 8 or more hours in the office sitting in front of your computer. It is unsurprising if in the middle of the week, you will feel some pain on your back, and you’ll notice that you’re hunching while at work. Aside from the back pain, it also looks unattractive to see a person whose back is hunched over. But you don’t need to feel and stay that way. Here are some tips to keep your back straight even while working.

Use a table and chair with the same height

Make sure that your office table and office chair are matched when it comes to height. Your table must not be too high or too low for your office chair, so you won’t need to bend your back to reach for your table. You must also use an office chair with tall backrest where you can straighten your back as you work.

Don’t sit for long straight hours

You might say that it’s impossible to not sit for long hours when your job entails the use of a computer. But it’s actually possible. You can stand after every hour to exercise your back, and prevent it from hurting. You can file some documents, or answer the phone while standing. In this way, you are releasing the tension in your back muscles.

Do simple exercises during your break

A quick arm and back stretching can already make a difference. Bend your arms to the right and then to the left for 60 counts, and straighten your back in a standing position with your head holding some books. As you do it daily, you will notice that your back starts to get at ease even when you’re sitting in front of your computer. You can also enroll at Max Fitness to learn more workouts that can help make your back straight.

Put a pillow on the backrest of your office chair

If you want to relax your back while sitting, you can always put a regular-sized pillow on the backrest of your chair, just to feel a bit comfortable even when you’re sitting for long hours already.

Check if you’re slouching

It is best to correct your posture regularly whenever you feel you’re slouching, or you begin to slouch. In this way, you will be able to correct your bad posture right away, and prevent it from being aggravated. If you feel that slouching is just a simple concern, think twice. If you get used to slouching, and your back starts to ache—it may lead to severe back conditions like scoliosis.

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