4 Healthy Workout Habits to Develop

Have you been working out regularly but not getting the results you want? It is not enough to just lift weights and do push ups, as you need to develop healthy habits too. Here are four of the best habits to develop.

Vary Your Workouts

If you’ve been doing the same thing over and over at Jetts Gym it’s no wonder you’re not seeing improvements. Don’t allow yourself to become comfortable as you have to keep challenging yourself.

Try new routines to shake things up. Monotony is the biggest enemy of the fitness buff, but by doing new workouts you’ll be able to sustain interest.

Use Different Machines

Tired of using the same barbells and dumbbells every day? Try the squat rack, leg press machine or lat pulldown. Want to do something other than the pull bar? Check out the Smith machine or the hammer strength machine.

The point is you don’t have to put up with the same stuff repeatedly, and you shouldn’t. Try different types of fitness equipment so your muscles don’t get comfortable and weaken.

Do More Reps

Just because everyone seems to be on the 8 to 10 rep doesn’t mean you have to. You’ll get significant strength boosts with this rang, but the results are even better when you increase it. With a higher rep you’ll develop greater strength and burn fat quicker.

Doing fewer reps is also acceptable in some cases especially if you increase the sets. The degree of difficulty also comes into play.

If you’re focusing on a specific muscle group, do more reps or sets. Everyone has an opinion which one to increase, but generally, more reps leads to better resistance, and more sets greater strength.

Posture and Form

It is hard to overemphasize this point enough. Unless you assume the proper posture and form you won’t experience any benefits. Incorrect posture might lead to injuries so you need to look into this.

Before you add any new routines, perfect the form of the ones you’re doing now. it’s going to take more time but it is essential. Take your time but don’t rush it. By performing the proper posture you’ll get the maximum benefits.


The next time you’re at Max Fitness and wondering why some seem to be doing better than others, it’s all about the habits. By following the tips above you’ll be on the right track as well.

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