4 Amazing Reasons Music Influences Your Workout

Are you someone who hits the gym regularly? Can’t you do your workout routines without your headphones on? Well you’re not alone. Many people who work out either in the gym or at home, need music on for a wide variety of reasons.

Distracts you from physical stress

Whenever you play a good music while you work out, you are also distracted from the physical stress of working out your bodies. The music lets you focus on what you’re doing, and ignites your soul to work more.  This is why it is also important to play music that you find soothing to your soul—or any music that keeps you pumped up.

But you might not play a music that’s so fast; the recommended beats per minute is at 120-140 so you can achieve optimum results. When you’re doing yoga, opt for a slower music that is equivalent to your desired heart rate as you work out. You can visit Planet Fitness if you need a good place to work out.

Makes you feel good

It is important to feel good while you work out. There’s a study that states that by tuning in to music, our body releases opioids and dopamine which enhances our mood. These hormones were said to have the ability to increase our tolerance for pain, allowing us to work out for long period of time.

Stimulates your brain

As you exercise with music on, your body moves with the beat and stimulates a certain part in your brain that manipulates movement. It is a huge help, so that your muscles move continuously and efficiently. When you have an efficient and regular workout routine, you are able to make the most out of your workout—and produces amazing health benefits. It increases heart rate, decreases blood pressure, speeds up metabolism and physical efficiency; and lessens emotional stress.

Gives you positive thoughts

By tuning in to good music, you are also enhancing your mood as you work out—which is actually the best way to start your fitness routine. According to studies, listening to music while working out helps the person thinks of good thoughts and happy events in his life. It also helps a person forget all the negative thoughts he has.  So it is safe to say that music can also shift a person’s thoughts from negative to positive—and yes, it’s all good for any type of workout.

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