3 Yoga Poses For Quick Stress Relief

Yoga doesn’t have to be practiced in the comfort of a Yoga Works studio although it’s the best place for it. With a mat, a willing mind and body, and a quiet place, you can enjoy the stress relief benefits of yoga in your own home! Here are three yoga poses that you can do to relieve stress, whether it’s from the pressures of work or from running a household.

Start with the Child’s Pose

Sit with your knees on the floor and your hips resting on the back of your heels, Draw your knees shoulder-width apart, fold your upper body forward, and place your forehead on the floor. Keep your arms either by your sides with your palms facing upward or outstretched to your front with your palms facing downward.  

Breathe softly and deeply while letting your weight sinks down. Let your jaw become slack during inhalations, and your breath should fill your back and ribs. Settle in this position for three minutes.  

Return to your original position and then slowly move onto your belly for the next pose.  

Follow with the Sphinx Pose

While on your belly, place your elbows beneath your shoulders or extend your palms forward. You should be in a comfortable position – the latter is a great option for people who have tight backs. Lift your torso slowly until you’re in a mini backbend position.

Slowly press your shoulders away from your ears but, again, check that you’re still comfortable. Let go and settle in this position for about 90 seconds. After the time, lower your chest down and rest your head to the right side.

Repeat on the left side.  

End with the Reclining Twist

Lie on your back. Draw your right knee until it reaches nearly to your chest and extend your left leg parallel to the floor. Extend your right arm out with your palm facing up – your arm should be aligned with your shoulder – and slightly shift your hips to the right.  

Put your left hand on your right knee and inhale deeply. During the exhalation, drop your right knee over to your left knee and simultaneously turn your head to the right. Settle in this position for three minutes.  

Switch sides and then repeat these steps on the opposite side.  

You can end these three-step stress relief exercise with a savasana pose, a relaxing pose that will promote blood circulation and stretch your body.

In all of these poses, remember to breathe properly. Keep in mind that it isn’t just the movements and poses that make yoga such a great stress buster, it’s also the breathing techniques.

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