3 Tips On Bodyweight Bodybuilding For Beginners

Bodyweight bodybuilding is definitely coming on its own! The benefits that come from it are getting the attention of people who want a ripped physique without using too many weights at the likes of Gold’s Gym. But before diving into it, here are a few tips that will increase your effectiveness in bodyweight building.

#1 Use Progressive Resistance

In bodybuilding, success is measured by two things, namely: first, the individual symmetry, size and shape of each muscle group; and second, the relationship of each muscle group, even of each muscle, to the body’s entirety. While each bodybuilder’s plan will be dictated by the bodybuilder’s unique anatomy, every bodybuilder will use progressive resistance principles and practices in shaping their muscles.

With conventional bodybuilding, progressive resistance means increasing the load by adding more weight to the barbell, dumbbell, and isolation machine. But with bodyweight bodybuilding, progressive resistance involves subtle changes, particularly by making adjustments to each individual exercise.  These adjustments include:

  • Increasing the leverage, such as performing feet-elevated push-ups
  • Increasing the range of motion, such as pull-ups to chest exercises
  • Increasing the weight-to-limb ratio, such as doing pistol squats

Your muscles will be subjected to new stimuli that, in turn, will keep you on a progressive track and your muscles on a growth path.

#2 Adopt a Split Routine

Keep in mind that targeting and exhausting individual muscles is among the goals of conventional and bodyweight bodybuilding. You must then train each of your major muscle groups in a more intense manner but on a less frequent basis.  You should then split it up so that different body parts are emphasized on different days, which will result in a more symmetrical body.

A split routine will also give your body time to repair the muscle groups that have been intensely exercised so there’s more muscle growth. While these muscle groups are repairing themselves, you’re working out on the other muscle groups. You’re basically getting a balanced rest/workout plan.

#3 Go for Maximum Reps

Building and sculpting muscle mass is the main goal in bodyweight bodybuilding. For this reason, you should perform more reps – or at least, more than the 1-5 reps at 80% to 90% maximum load performed in conventional bodybuilding.

You may consider performing 8-12 reps within 60% to 80% maximum capacity. You want to fight for it, so to speak, toward the end of each set to get the best results. Your muscle fibers will then be subjected to more damage, which means more muscle growth.  Your best bets include one-arm push-ups, wide pull-ups, and toes-to-bar leg raises performed in 8-12 reps, even more.

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