3 Tabata Exercises for Beginners

Working out is fun. But if you’re not too fond of routine, a regular set workout, despite the varying intensity, can get boring. The scene will probably look like this: you’ve been doing cardio, say, at the nearest Fitness Connection location for a while now and you’ve been sweating it out with the many exercise equipment. However, you feel like you can still push yourself further and get more out of your time working out. What should you do, then?

One good suggestion is to try Tabata. This is a high intensity interval training type of workout which will require you to push yourself to the edge and get excellent rewards in return. It sounds tough, as it will need you to really give your all and challenge yourself to perform, but it does burn more calories and help improve your metabolism in the process, letting you get more benefits than your usual workout.

If you’re interested in doing Tabata, here are five easy workouts you can mix and match to create a nice workout. Remember to push really hard to get the most out of your exercise and keep it short, limiting your routines for five to ten minutes first. You can extend it as you build tolerance and gain more strength over time.

Foot Fire

  • Go hard for 20 seconds then rest for ten seconds. Repeat four times before switching routines.
  • Do a quick shuffling motion with your feet, lifting them up about 1 inches off the ground.
  • Start standing straight with your hands fisted and elbows bent, like when you’re about to run.

    Jumping Jacks

  • Start by standing with your knees slightly bent and close together and ready to jump.
  • Jump slightly with legs wide apart and arms extended up on the sides of your head.
  • Jump slightly to return to your first position.
  • Do this with most power and effort you can exert for 20 seconds and then rest for ten seconds four times before doing another workout.


  • Stand with legs slightly far apart and wider than your shoulder width with knees slightly bent. Keep your core tight.
  • Raise arms up with elbows bent and clenched fists ready to punch.
  • Do quick punches, extending one arm after the next.
  • Go hard and fast for 20 seconds, rest for 10, and repeat four times.

These three are some of the easiest routines that you can do as you first try Tabata. You can mix and match them with a myriad of other routines, varying in difficulty and targeted muscle group.

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