3 Signs You Have Pushed Your Body Too Far

Strength and conditioning training is a must for people engaged in mixed martial arts (MMA), thus, its popularity in UFC Gym locations. But while it’s important in and out of the ring, taking it too far will have adverse consequences on the mind and body.  

But how will you know when you have pushed your body too far, perhaps too soon? Here are three signs to look out for.  

#1 Prolonged Muscle Soreness

During your first few MMA classes, you will likely experience muscle soreness in places where it’s a foreign sensation. But it’s a normal occurrence that you should, in fact, welcome because it means your muscles have been worked well.

The problem comes when your muscle soreness extends beyond 72 hours after your last workout and sparring session.  Your muscles may not be recovering well so you have to take a break from your strength and conditioning training, at least for a day or two. You can still engage in light to moderate cardio activity, if you must.  

#2 Sickness Becomes a Regular Occurrence

Ironically, too much training increases the risk of illness so much so that people who push themselves too far, too soon can become regularly sick.  This is because the body is in a constant catabolic state due to overtraining so its immunity level decreases.  

Over time, you feel like you’re constantly sick with little rest in between your illness. You may feel like you’re just under the weather or you’re actually sick with the flu but it seems ever-present.  

But it isn’t just the sickness either. You also have higher risk for injury because your body cannot recover from its microscopic injuries properly. Even simple movements that wouldn’t have caused pain before now seems too painful to even perform on your own.  

#3 Constant Feeling of Being Thirsty

Of course, you have to drink at least eight glasses of water every day, aside from your water intake before, during and after your workouts and sparring sessions.  But if you feel thirsty always even after downing several glasses of water, then you should consider taking a break from your training.  

Your body starts breaking down muscle so that it meet its energy demands – and you’re definitely placing heavy demands on it when you’re overtraining. Your body is becoming dehydrated although you may not feel it immediately aside from your apparently unquenchable thirst.  

You should always listen to your body for many reasons. You only have one of it so it makes sense to take good care of it, as well as to listen to its cues including resting from your strength and conditioning training.  You will bounce back better after your rest, too.  

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