26 Ways to Burn 500 Calories a Day

If you’re trying to lose a few pounds, then burning an extra 500 calories every day will certainly bring you closer to your goal. Burning this much calories in LA Fitness is easy – you can simply join a group fitness class like spinning or Zumba, and you’d meet your quota for the day. But if you don’t have time to go to the gym, don’t worry.

There are other ways to burn 500 calories such as the ones we listed below. Keep in mind however that we computed this based on the calorie burn of a 150-pound woman.

1. Clean your house for two hours.

You can even play your favorite music so you can dance while you vacuum or mop your floors.

2. Do some gardening for 90 minutes.

You’ll not only make your garden look nice but you’ll also burn lots of calories.

3. Join an online Zumba class.

You can also try the Zumba videos on YouTube.

4. Mow your lawn for 75 minutes.

And no we’re not talking about those riding mowers.

5. Belly-dance for 2 hours.

Just like Zumba, you can follow tutorials on Youtube.

6. If your knees are stable enough, jump rope for 40 minutes.

But expect some soreness after if you’re not used to doing this.

7. Do Yoga at home for 1 hour and a half.

You’ll burn calories and improve your flexibility and balance.

8. Play basketball for 45 to 50 minutes.

9. Brisk walking  around your neighborhood for 90 minutes.

10. Shovel some snow for 50 minutes.

11. Run for 40 minutes at a speed of 6 miles per hour.

12. Try horseback riding for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

13. Play golf for 90 minutes. Be sure to carry your own golf clubs.

14. Play with your kids for an hour and a half.

They’ll love you for it too!

15. Do 90 minutes of water aerobics.

16. Play bowling for 2 hours.

17. Join an aerobics class for 1 hour.

18. Kayak for 50 minutes.

You could burn more depending on factors like speed, wind etc.

19. Do 50 minutes of hula hoops.

20. Do Pilates for 1 hour and a half.

21. Go surfing for an hour.

And no we’re not talking about surfing the Web!

22. Do 60 minutes on the stair stepper.

This will also tone your glutes.

23. Snorkel for an hour and 20 minutes.

Not only will you see colorful marine life but you’ll also burn calories.

24. Give your partner a 2-hour massage.

Maybe he or she will return the favor?

25. Swim leisurely for 1 hour.

You’ll burn more if you do butterfly strokes or breast strokes.

26. Run up and down the stairs for 40 minutes.

As you can see, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to burn 500 calories a day. Sure, you don’t really clean the house for 2 hours daily but you can add some variety to make your efforts more enjoyable. Perhaps you can do housework and yard work on weekends, and then on weekdays, you can do brisk walking, running or dancing. By consistently making effort to get your body moving, you will eventually achieve your weight loss goals.

Try this 20-minute HIIT to burn 500 calories:

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