11 Important Gym Boxing Guidelines

Total Fitness and most other fitness clubs have boxing gyms. They’re ideal not just for aspiring boxers but anyone who wants to be fit and get in shape. Before you lace up those gloves let’s remember these simple guidelines.

Check in First

Whether you’re working with a personal trainer or going solo, always let the front desk know.

Registering for Classes

All boxing gyms require registration. Fill up the necessary forms. Some gyms allow you to register online or via their apps.

Buy or Rent Equipment

Boxing gyms let you buy or rent equipment. In other fitness clubs you can use any equipment as you pay for it via your membership. In some gyms you’re allowed to bring your equipment while in others you have to use the ones in the gym. Follow the rules and get clarification if needed.

Supervised Training Only

This is for the safety of the boxers. Instructors are needed especially if you’re learning new techniques. Even if you’re a seasoned gym boxer, most gyms don’t allow unsupervised training, and that’s a good thing.

Age Restrictions

Boxing gyms are for 18 years old and above only.

Clean Up After Use

Wipe the sweat from the equipment you used. Return the head gear, gloves and other equipment where you found them. If you used other gym equipment, wipe them clean as well.

Check the Food and Drink Policy

Some gyms don’t allow outside drink or food except water. In other cases it’s allowed so refer to their guidelines to avoid problems.

Personal Belongings

Don’t leave your personal belongings inside the ring or anywhere near it. There is a proper place for that. When you’re done take your belongings with you. It is your responsibility to make sure your stuff doesn’t get left behind.


Respect the staff, your classmates, the trainers and coaches. Learn discipline and follow your coach’s instructions.  


Learn the appropriate techniques. Focus on developing form and not just power. Follow the instructions at all times and don’t make contact with any of the bags unless you’re given permission.

Proper Attire

The clothing etiquette is similar to other fitness clubs. T-shirts, shorts, mouthpiece, headgear and gloves and other gear are required. Short shorts and low cut tops are not allowed.


The guidelines above apply to almost all boxing gyms, but as always, read the official rules first. That will save you a lot of trouble and avoid misunderstanding.

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