10 Steps to Build Strength like a Marine

There are many ways to achieve the kind of muscles that the marines have. The U.S. Marine Corps has designed a combat training for the soldiers that would engage all the parts of their bodies in ways that other training workouts couldn’t do. Doing this would not be easy, though. You have to exert a lot of time and effort to do rigorous training.

In this article, we will learn some of these Marine training routines that would definitely increase your muscle mass. Don’t worry, though. These exercise routines are not correctly designed to wage a World War III stress on your muscles. You just have to stick to a finely calibrated exercise routines and tips that will address all the essential muscle areas. Let’ start.

Master Your Reps and Increase Your Sets

Not many people realize that the concept of what we understand as strength training was conceptualized by the military. Historical records would show that our bodies have been used to this kind of military training ever since the 1850 BC. However, it was only after Dr. Thomas L. DeLorme initiated a muscle training plan for the marines that we finally formalized strength training into a systematic routine. In the routine plan that Dr. Thomas started, he initiated that the primary marine-style exercise one can do would look something like this:

– Choose any muscle-training exercise, such as Bicep Curls, Push-ups, etc

– If you want to increase muscle power, increase the number of sets 3X, with rest of 2-10 seconds

– You should also increase the repetition for each set 3X.

– Gradually increase this when you already find that doing your exercise is not as stressful as before.

Ammo Box Carry

Another good tip to muscle training would be to use what the Marines call the “Ammo Box Carry.” This training was pioneered by the marines, and this exercise simply consists of carrying various heavy things that one can find in the marine barracks. To emulate this, you should carry around heavy objects in the gym to very long distances, which means you will walk around the gym several times if the gym area is not that big.

Do a Missile Carry

This type of exercises would require you to carry things that have the same weight as a missile. In the gym, find kegs that you can carry and put one on each of your hand. Make sure the weights of each keg are not the same because the asymmetry is what makes the exercise stand out. Don’t carry a keg that’s beyond your capacity because that might be dangerous to your weaker muscles. Do as many repetitions as you can or as needed, using the guide in no. 1.

Bodyweight Training

To do a bodyweight training, you have to repeat press-ups, pull-ups and various sit-ups exercises. The number of repetitions would indicate how much muscle you can build. The marines have long used these push-up variations along with pistol squats to forge a body that has a high muscle to fat ratio.

Royal Marine Workout

To do this marine-made workout, you have to do the following set:

Set 1

  • Pull-ups, 4x
  • Sit-ups, 10X
  • Press-ups 8x

Use a 50kg keg for this or its alternative to simulate an ammo box

Repeat this set as many times as you can without burnout, which would be about 4x

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Also suggests that another good tip when you do marine-style training is to make sure you’re eating lots of protein. Protein supplies your body with muscle-building traits, and without them, protein synthesis wouldn’t be possible.

Eat meat

You have to shoot to about 1 gram of lean and dense protein per pound of your body weight, which is roughly the total amount of protein that your body can consume and utilize for a single day, according to research from Journal of Applied Physiology.

Have a right amount of rest

Experts say that you build muscles not when you’re training but when you’re resting. Don’t forget that. Getting the right amount of rest can increase the speed of growing your muscles.

Eat more

Of course, by not eating more, you’re depriving yourself of calories that your body needs to build muscle. Keep checking your weight every week. Experts from a reliable source suggest that if you find that you’re not building muscles after exercising and resting, consume more calories up to 10% for the next week by adding into your diet various protein supplements.

Focus on your biggest muscles

When you’re still a beginner in muscle training, any exercise you do will register to be intense to your muscles. These exercises would, in fact, be intense enough to pave the way for your body to increase the rate of your protein synthesis. However, during the first week, it may help you to increase your muscle mass quicker, if you concentrate on marine-muscle exercises that target your major muscles, such as your chest, back, and legs.

Summary and Conclusion

To do an exercise that Marines do is not a joke. It requires a lot of dedication, perseverance, and motivation. With the help of the tips above, we’re hopeful that you can achieve your muscle gain goals at a pace that surely suits your body type.

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