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Jun, 2024. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Y Membership Fees


Child (0Y-12Y)$17.82
Youth (13-17) /Student (Full-time)$23.81
Adult (18Y-59Y)$31.51
Adult/Senior Couple (18Y+)$47.61
Household (4 members living at the same residence)$53.50
Senior (60Y+)$26.74

Enhance your Y membership


One personal locker (where available)$8.83
Child minding (one additional child)$11.77
First additional family member (includes child minding)$11.77
Subsequent additional family members (includes child minding)$5.88
PLUS access (18Y+) (Taggart Family Y only - includes small locker) (starting price)$20.60

Day pass rates

Must include one adult (18+). Some conditions apply. Photo ID is mandatory for all non-members.

Adult (18Y+)$15.00
Senior (60Y+)$8.50
Student (Full-time)$8.50
Household (2 parents/guardians and children under 13Y)*$20.00
Child (0Y-10Y | 0Y-11Y in pool area. Must be accompanied by a paying adult. )$7.00
Child (11Y-12Y | 12Y in pool area. May access without an adult)$7.00
Member guest pass$8.00

If you’re considering joining the YMCA in Canada, you might want to know more about Y membership costs, along with the gym amenities, membership benefits and so on. On this page, we reveal the latest Y prices so you can decide if this fitness club is for you.

Y Membership Cost and Additional Fees

Family Membership

For families, the YMCA provides a comprehensive membership plan. With an initiation fee of $75 and a monthly fee of $93, families gain access to a wide array of fitness programs and community events. This membership covers couples and their dependents, fostering a shared commitment to well-being.

Adult Membership

Individuals between the ages of 30 and 61 can opt for the Adult Membership. The initiation fee is $50, with a monthly fee of $63. This membership opens the door to tailored fitness programs designed to meet the specific needs of adults in their prime.

Senior Membership

Recognizing the importance of staying active as one ages, the Senior Membership is available for individuals aged 65 and above. With an initiation fee of $39 and a monthly fee of $50, seniors can access age-appropriate fitness classes and enjoy the supportive YMCA community.

Student Membership

For students navigating the challenges of academia, YMCA offers a Student Membership. Priced at an initiation fee of $15 and a monthly fee of $25, this membership is accessible to those up to 25 years old, providing a budget-friendly option for young adults.

Virtual Membership

In a world increasingly driven by digital connectivity, YMCA introduces the Virtual Membership. At just $4.99 per month, members gain access to a library of on-demand fitness videos, catering to those who prefer the flexibility of virtual workouts.

Additional Considerations

  • Initiation Fee: The initiation fee serves as a one-time investment to join YMCA. It’s important to note that this fee varies based on location and membership type. Certain locations may waive the initiation fee during promotional periods, making it an opportune time to join.
  • Cancellation Fee: While YMCA allows members to terminate their memberships at any time, some locations may impose a cancellation fee. The fee amount and notice period depend on the specific policies of each YMCA branch.
  • Short-term Memberships: For individuals hesitant about long-term commitments, YMCA offers short-term memberships. These flexible options allow potential members to experience the facilities and community before committing to an extended membership.
  • Financial Assistance: YMCA is committed to inclusivity. Recognizing that financial constraints can be a barrier to fitness, YMCA provides financial assistance programs. These programs are based on income and family size, ensuring that wellness is accessible to all.

Y Membership Options Beyond the Basics

Teen Membership:

Acknowledging the importance of instilling healthy habits from a young age, YMCA offers a Teen Membership. Priced at an initial $30 and a monthly fee of $22, this membership caters specifically to teenagers aged 12 to 17.

Two Adults Membership:

For those who find motivation in workout partners, the Two Adults Membership is an ideal choice. With an initiation fee of $78 and a monthly fee of $75, this membership accommodates two adults aged 18 and above.

Senior Family Membership:

Tailored for families with seniors, this membership comes at a monthly cost of $52 for a family residing at the same address. Additional fees may apply for specific programs, ensuring that seniors and their families have access to wellness opportunities.

Pros and Cons of YMCA Membership


  1. Diverse Membership Options: YMCA caters to a broad demographic, offering specialized memberships for families, adults, seniors, students, and teens.
  2. Financial Assistance Programs: Inclusivity is a cornerstone of YMCA. Financial assistance programs ensure that individuals facing economic challenges can still access wellness resources.
  3. Flexible Membership Terms: From short-term memberships to annual commitments, YMCA provides flexibility to meet diverse needs. This flexibility empowers members to tailor their fitness journey to their lifestyle.
  4. Holistic Wellness Programs: Beyond physical fitness, YMCA emphasizes overall well-being. Mental and social aspects of wellness are addressed through community events, workshops, and support networks.
  5. Teen and Student-Friendly Rates: Recognizing the importance of engaging younger demographics, YMCA offers budget-friendly options for teens and students. This commitment to the next generation fosters a lifelong appreciation for health and wellness.


  1. Varied Initiation Fees: The initiation fee is not standardized and can vary across locations and membership types. This variability may pose a barrier for individuals seeking clarity on the total cost of membership.
  2. Location-dependent Amenities: The amenities and offerings at YMCA can differ between locations. While this allows for customization based on community needs, it may lead to varied member experiences.
  3. Cancellation Process: The process of canceling a YMCA membership may involve fees and specific notice periods. This complexity can be a drawback for individuals seeking a straightforward cancellation process.
  4. Limited Short-term Options: While short-term memberships exist, the primary focus is often on more extended commitments. This may limit flexibility for individuals who prefer exploring fitness options on a short-term basis.

Unlocking the YMCA Experience: Amenities and Beyond

Gym Amenities

YMCA takes pride in offering state-of-the-art gym facilities. Fitness centers are equipped with modern cardio equipment, strength training areas, and expert trainers. Group fitness classes add a dynamic element to the gym experience, with options ranging from yoga and Pilates to high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Childcare Services

One of the standout features of YMCA is its commitment to family wellness. Many YMCA locations provide daycare services, ensuring that parents can focus on their fitness journey with peace of mind. Childcare services are designed to be engaging and safe, creating a positive environment for children.

Business Hours

While specific business hours can vary by location, YMCA typically operates during standard business hours. This includes early morning openings and evening closings, providing members with flexibility to engage in fitness activities before or after work. Some YMCA branches may offer extended hours to accommodate varied schedules.

Additional YMCA Perks: Free Trial, Guest Pass, and Membership Freezing

Free Trial

Curiosity often precedes commitment, and YMCA recognizes this. Many YMCA branches offer a free trial period, allowing potential members to experience the facilities, classes, and community atmosphere without financial commitment. This trial is an excellent opportunity to explore the diverse offerings and assess if YMCA aligns with individual wellness goals.

Guest Passes

Community is at the heart of YMCA, and guest passes play a pivotal role in fostering this sense of belonging. Members often have the privilege of bringing friends or family for a visit using guest passes. This not only encourages a shared fitness journey but also introduces new individuals to the YMCA community.

Membership Freezing

Life is unpredictable, and YMCA understands that. Many YMCA locations offer the flexibility to freeze memberships temporarily. This feature allows members to pause payments during specific periods, accommodating life events such as travel, illness, or other situations that may interrupt regular gym attendance. The rules and duration of membership freezing can vary by location, so it’s advisable to check with the specific YMCA branch for details.

Choosing Wellness with YMCA

The YMCA experience transcends conventional gym memberships. From diverse membership options and family-friendly amenities to flexible terms and community-focused initiatives, YMCA stands as a beacon for holistic wellness. Understanding the intricacies of membership rates, benefits, and additional features empowers individuals to make informed decisions on their wellness journey.

Whether you’re an individual seeking a personalized fitness plan, a family aiming for collective well-being, or a senior looking for tailored programs, YMCA caters to diverse needs. The commitment to financial inclusivity ensures that wellness is not a luxury but a fundamental right for all.

So, whether you’re diving into fitness for the first time or seeking a community-focused space, the YMCA awaits, ready to unlock a path to holistic wellness. Embrace the journey, experience the community, and let the YMCA be your partner in unlocking the doors to well-being.

Y membership cost

The History of YMCA In Canada

The first YMCA in Canada was established in Montreal in 1851, and the organization quickly expanded to other cities across the country. The YMCA’s early focus was on providing a safe and healthy environment for young men who were migrating to cities in search of work. As the organization grew, it expanded its services to include women and children, and its mission expanded to include promoting health, wellness, and social responsibility.

Over the years, YMCA Canada has played an essential role in the development of Canadian communities. During World War II, the YMCA provided support to soldiers and their families, and in the post-war years, it played a critical role in the development of Canada’s social safety net. Today, the YMCA continues to serve communities across Canada, providing a range of services to promote health, wellness, and social responsibility.

What YMCA Canada is Known For

YMCA Canada is known for its commitment to promoting health and wellness through a range of programs and services. The organization operates fitness centers, swimming pools, and other facilities that provide opportunities for people of all ages to engage in physical activity and improve their overall health.

In addition to its fitness programs, YMCA Canada is also known for its community programs, which focus on social responsibility and community development. These programs include after-school programs for children, leadership training for young adults, and support for newcomers to Canada.

One of the unique aspects of YMCA Canada is its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The organization strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the community, regardless of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation. This commitment to diversity is reflected in the organization’s programs and services, which are designed to meet the unique needs of different communities across Canada.


YMCA Canada is a nonprofit organization that has been serving communities across Canada for over 160 years. With its focus on promoting health, wellness, and social responsibility, the YMCA has become an essential part of many Canadian communities. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical health, engage in your community, or develop your leadership skills, the YMCA has something for everyone. So why not join the YMCA community today and become a part of this proud Canadian tradition.

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