Waist To Height Ratio Calculator

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This is a measure, as the name of the test imply, of the waist as compared to the height of a person and from the resulting number will identify how susceptible that person will be. It is shorted as WHtR.

This measure eventually evolved due to the limitations of Body Mass Index (BMI) which does not consider body fat where visceral fat, the fat in the belly, is one of the causes of serious diseases.

Not to be confused with Waist/Hip Ratio (WHR) which determines the shape of the body, the measure of Waist to Height Ratio computes for the body fat. 

As a rule for this measure, the waist measure should never be more than half the person’s height in inches.. The formula for this is to divide the waist in inches by the height in inches where corresponding numbers tell of the risk level.

It has been studied that those with normal number for WHtR will enjoy life for 17 years longer. This measure is also recommended  for children that exhibit early signs of excess weight gain.