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Jun, 2024. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Tough Mudder is among the foremost obstacle course-type races in the United States – and every race is characterized by plenty of mud-filled sections, thus, the name.

In 2017, the hardcore outdoor race brand opened its first Tough Mudder Bootcamp, a new concept in health and fitness.  

Below are the latest Tough Mudder prices.


Monthly Membership

Tough Mudder Bootcamp 3x a week (Month)$99.00
Tough Mudder Bootcamp unlimited (Month)$149.00
Tough Mudder Bootcamp 10-class packFee$199.00
Tough Mudder Gym single session drop-in session$30.00
Tough Mudder Gym 10-session pack$249.00
Tough Mudder Gym 20-session pack$449.00
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The Tough Mudder prices are reasonable for people interested in training for the current year’s outdoor race. But even those who just want to enjoy their peak physical fitness condition via its boot camp-style workouts find these prices to be reasonable, too.  

Brand Extension

The Tough Mudder brand extension from outdoor races to boot camps came as result of crunching the numbers. The management conducted intensive research on why more than 10 percent of individuals who signed up for Tough Mudder races fail to show up on race day.

The results: Most of these no-show individuals felt that they weren’t prepared enough to tackle the tough obstacle race course.  Many of them also didn’t show up because they weren’t signed up with a team.  

The first Tough Mudder gym was then opened to cater to these no-show individuals as well as to persons interested in training for the extremely challenging races.  Indeed, if you want to add the Tough Mudder to your list of achievements, then you may want to sign up for the nearest Tough Mudder Bootcamp nearest you!  

Teamwork as the Battle Cry

Just as in Tough Mudder events, the battle cry in the gym is teamwork, as supported by evidence. Research shows that people in group fitness classes are seven times more likely to stick with their fitness plans and attain their fitness goals.  

The gym uses high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes in keeping the clients motivated and challenged. Research has shown, too, that HIIT is among the most effective and efficient programs in increasing cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

According to its regular clients, the HIIT program at a Tough Mudder gym is a cross between the Tabata and CrossFit methods. In the Tabata method, a series of exercises are done at intervals while the CrossFit method emphasizes bodywight movement, minimum use of equipment, and camaraderie.  

Eric Botsford, the Tough Mudder mascot and emcee as well as fitness guru, designs and programs the classes.  Every class lasts for 45 minutes, which should be sufficient time to get your heart racing and your sweat flowing faster than you probably ever did before.  

Emphasis must be made that the Tough Mudder gym isn’t an obstacle course gym so there are no hanging ropes, warped walls, and balance beams.  

For more information about Tough Mudder, visit their official website.

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