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Tom Hardy sure got into shape for the sports drama Warrior and beefed up really well to play the villain Bane fighting Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. What really got people taking notice of the actor’s awesome physique was his very challenging role in Mad Max: Fury Road.

The British celebrity admits there are plenty of physical challenges when it comes to making action movies. He also openly talks about his training methods, along with his fitness coach of several years, Patrick ‘P-Nut’ Monroe.

Resistance Fighting

While training for Warrior, Hardy and Coach Monroe didn’t want the actor to simply look like a fighter, but to actually know how to fight. The duo spent three months together working and focusing on the muscles that will have to be used.

They took the normal movements associated with striking in fights and then added resistance to the fight moves. One example is adding resistance while the actor would throw punches or the coach would throw strikes at Hardy while the celebrity would block the moves using weights positioned on the wrists and ankles.

Signalling Training

Aside from the unique type of fighting with resistance that Hardy performed with Monroe, he also prepared for his movie roles using a workout training method that incorporates a principle called ‘signaling.’

The idea of signalling is to transmit signals to any muscles you are aiming to develop as quickly as possible. For example, rather than completing a hundred push-ups in one morning, aim to spread the hundred reps into ten push-ups every hour.

In the actor’s specific case, Coach Monroe divided Hardy’s daily exercise regimen into four separate workout sessions. The celebrity trained as soon as he got out of bed, then his next session was around noon, followed by the third session that took place a couple of hours before dinner, and then a final session for the day just before bedtime. Each of the sessions had a duration that took just a little over twenty minutes and Hardy used lightweights instead of heavy ones.

In order to add to the output of each workout, the Mad Max star did each of the workout routines slowly. Listed below is the workout so you can copy it. Don’t forget to add in about two to four-minute breaks between each set.

A True Fighter’s Push-Ups

First, to work on your chest and biceps, do press-ups. Begin with 1 set of press-ups of 10 reps. When doing this set make sure your hands are under your shoulders. Next, do another set of 10 press-ups. This time form a diamond using your forefingers and thumbs.

Afterwards, do a set of 10 push-ups with your hands positioned at a distance wider than shoulder width. Finally, do 10 press-ups while resting on your clenched fists.

Bane’s Shoulder Flies

Start with your feet spread at a distance of shoulder width. Place a dumbbell or kettle bell in each of your hands. Select a weight that is comfortable for you to hold but make sure it’s also not too light. For most people 18 lbs is a good amount to begin with.

Begin by raising your arms. Raise them until your fists meet straight right above your head. Afterwards, lower your arms slowly, don’t rush. If want to increase the difficulty of this set, you can do so by performing it on one leg or going with a heavier set of weights. Do a set with 10 reps.

Mad Max Dips

With your legs stretched out in front of you and as you’re sitting on the floor, have your back rest against a bench or chair. Next, have your hands rest behind you while making sure your fingers are facing your body.

Keep a straight back. Begin to raise your body off the ground. You accomplish this by pushing down, using your arms, on the bench or chair. Then start to bring your body down until you’re close to touching the ground. You have just completed one set. Do a set with 10 reps.

Legend Abs

To get Hardy’s impressive abs, you need to do four stages of the actor’s ab routine.

Stage 1: Begin by lying down on a mat. Place your hands softly behind your head. Keep your legs together. When you’re in this position, start to lift your shoulders and head. Hold this pose then lift your legs and then lower them back to the starting position. This counts as one rep. Do 4 sets with the following reps: 10, 7, 5 and 3.

Stage 2: Keep the same beginning position outlined in Stage 1. The difference this time is when you’re at the top position, make sure to bend your knees then raise them until your knees touch your elbows. Next, straighten your legs and proceed to return to the beginning position. Complete 4 sets with the following reps: 10, 7, 5 and 3.

Stage 3: Complete the exercise described in Stage 1. This time, however, raise your knees and have them touch your elbows but you have to make sure you don’t bend your legs. Next, bring your legs down, back to the beginning position. That’s considered 1 rep. Do 4 sets with the following reps: 10, 7, 5 and 3.

Stage 4: Do the routine in Stage 1 except this time use an 8-kilo kettle bell. Hang the kettle bell from the top of the left toe. Complete 4 sets with the following reps: 10, 7, 5 and 3.


The Tom Hardy exercise workout helps you target specific muscle groups with the perfect amount of reps and sets. It’s a fantastic routine to choose if you’re after adding more meat to your form and getting the lean and ripped look of a fighter.