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Thrive90 Fitness is a fitness program created by Tony Dilorenzo and Dustin Riechmann so you can get in shape as quickly as possible.

Aside from being a fat loss program it also aims to improve your flexibility and physical endurance.

Apart from the video workouts the program includes a detailed guidebook and several bonuses and extra tools.

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Format and Features

The program is available for download online, and while it is feature packed it doesn’t take too long to download the files. The workouts, while high intensity, takes only 30 minutes to complete and provides several benefits, including being easy to follow. Not only are the exercises designed for home workouts, but they were especially made for busy men and women, those who don’t have time to do long and complex workouts.

Thrive90 also includes a detailed diet plan to go along with the program. This really isn’t surprising because for a workout to be effective you need to eat the right food as well. Combined, the diet and workout program lasts for 12 weeks with three phases, and you’ll receive full guidance throughout the program. While Thrive90 is aimed at busy couples, there are a lot of exercises that you can do solo.

One of the most important elements in Thrive90 is flexibility as you can combine cardio or yoga with these workouts to build muscle and endurance, and by the time you’re through you’ll develop the energy necessary to go through a day without feeling fatigue. Studies have also shown that Thrive90 burns even the most stubborn fat deposits in your body, bringing with it a feeling of renewed self-confidence.

Components of the Thrive90 Workout Program

There are nine components in the Thrive90 program, with the first three making up phases 1 to 3 and consisting of digital video workouts. The fourth component is the Thrive90 Nutrition Guide which provides a list of diet recommendations to go along with your exercise. The fifth component is the workout calendar, an essential tool for completing the workouts and making sure you’re progressing at the right pace. While there are a lot of programs and tools included, everything is presented well and won’t give anyone problems when it comes to following them or looking for something specific.

The sixth component includes an exercise action sheet, while component 7 has the Thrive90 Fitness Test. Component 8 has the Thrive90 Smart Goals Worksheet while the 9th component provides you with free weekly coaching emails full of tips that will help you get the most out of the program. Aside from the main components there are some bonus programs included such as the 8-Minute Workout for Lower Body and Core and 8-Minute Workout for Upper Body and Core.

The package also includes a fitness cookbook with more than 40 healthy and quick to prepare recipes. While the emphasis in Thrive90 is on the workouts, the inclusion of a fitness cookbook is a nice bonus, as is the Motivational Seminar with expert Tom Terwilliger. Thrive90 also has a 60 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with the program you can return in within the 60 day period and receive a full refund with no questions asked.

Benefits of the Thrive90 Program

One of the biggest benefits of Thrive90 is improving your body’s flexibility and agility. Unlike other programs that place too much stress on the body, Thrive90 doesn’t, so there’s very little risk of injuring yourself. There’s also a lot of variety, very important in a 90 day workout so you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over. Even if you’re scheduled to perform a particular kind of activity per week, the workouts change as you go through the next phase.

Thrive90 also benefits from having a lot of different workouts every week, including Power Yoga, cardio, strength, HIIT and core. In other words, Thrive90 will give your entire body a workout every day. Another unique feature in the program is you get weekly emails of encouragement from Dustin and Tony, something those new to working out will definitely appreciate.

Aside from the supportive emails, the two also answer questions sent to them via email, and the response time is usually in 24-48 hours, something you don’t often get with other workout programs. Because of the way the workouts have been designed, you can perform them right at home, and you don’t have to go to the gym.

Because of the way Thrive90 is structured you’ll be able to progress and work your way into shape at your own pace. Compared with other programs Thrive90 is very easy to learn, and there’s enough variety here to keep you occupied and interested throughout the 90 day program. And even when the program ends, you’ll still benefit because your increased metabolism will keep burning calories and fats.

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