Standards Growth Calculator

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A worldwide growth standard had been put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO). Developed countries have adopted this and a few have even supplemented with what they think would be fitting for their circumstance like what the UK had done in 2009.

In general, WHO has enumerated the criteria in the growth of children since there is barely growth in adults any more. This growth standard can be made the foundation for health of a certain country.

The factors that matter are:

  • Length / Height for age
  • Weight for age
  • Weight for Length / Height
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) for age
  • Head circumference for age
  • Arm circumference for age
  • Subscapular skinfold for age
  • Tricep skinfold for age
  • Motor development milestone
  • Weight velocity
  • Length velocity
  • Head circumference velocity

Under each criteria, WHO has developed several tables and charts for reference. For instance, in the first criteria, Length/Height for age, separate charts and tables for boys and girls are given. Aside from that, these same charts and tables are broken down into age ranges.

As a means of support for the implementation of this standards, WHO has also provided software applications.