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Soccer Shots is a leading soccer program that has been providing high-quality soccer education to children between the ages of 2-8 for over 20 years. With a strong emphasis on developing character and confidence through soccer, the program has become a favorite among parents and educators alike. In this article, we’ll explore the history of Soccer Shots, what makes them unique, and why they are known for their exceptional soccer education.

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Soccer Shots Membership

Full Payment$112.00
2 Monthly Payments$56.00
Yearly Enroll Fee$15.00

A Brief History of Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots was founded in 1998 by two childhood friends, Jeremy Sorzano and Jason Webb, who shared a passion for soccer and a desire to provide children with a positive soccer experience. Initially launched in Charlotte, North Carolina, Soccer Shots quickly gained popularity and expanded across the United States. Today, the program operates in over 200 locations across 37 states and has impacted the lives of over 2 million children.

What Sets Soccer Shots Apart?

Soccer Shots is known for its unique approach to soccer education, which focuses on more than just teaching children how to kick a ball. The program’s curriculum is designed to promote character development and instill core values such as teamwork, respect, and perseverance. Soccer Shots coaches are trained to use soccer as a tool to teach important life skills and help children develop socially, emotionally, and physically.

One of the key aspects of the Soccer Shots program is its emphasis on age-appropriate training. The curriculum is tailored to the developmental needs of each age group, with younger children focusing on basic motor skills and coordination, while older children are introduced to more advanced soccer techniques. This approach ensures that children are challenged and engaged at the appropriate level, leading to a positive and enjoyable soccer experience.

Soccer Shots also prides itself on its use of positive reinforcement and encouragement. Coaches are trained to provide constructive feedback and praise children for their efforts, rather than just their results. This approach helps children build self-confidence and a love for the game, which can lead to a lifelong appreciation for sports and physical activity.

What to Expect from a Soccer Shots Program

Soccer Shots offers a range of programs to meet the needs of different age groups and skill levels. The Mini program is designed for children aged 2-3 and focuses on developing basic soccer skills and motor coordination. The Classic program, for children aged 3-5, introduces more advanced soccer techniques while continuing to promote character development. The Premier program, for children aged 5-8, is designed to prepare children for organized soccer leagues while building important life skills.

All Soccer Shots programs are led by certified coaches who undergo extensive training in child development and soccer education. Classes are typically held once a week for 30-45 minutes and follow a structured curriculum that includes warm-up activities, skill-building drills, and small-sided games. Parents are encouraged to attend classes and can expect to see their child’s skills and confidence improve over time.


Soccer Shots has built a reputation as one of the top soccer programs for young children. Their focus on character development, age-appropriate training, and positive reinforcement has made them a favorite among parents and educators. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to introduce your child to soccer and help them build important life skills, Soccer Shots is definitely worth considering.

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