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Jun, 2024. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.


Fortnight Fee:$40.90
Membership Fee$40.90
Upfront Free$99.00
Total Cost$139.90

Embarking on a journey towards fitness and well-being is a commendable decision, and Snap Fitness in New Zealand stands as a beacon for those aspiring to achieve their health goals. Let’s take a closer look at Snap Fitness NZ prices, membership rates, amenities within the gym and more on this page.

Snap Fitness NZ Membership Cost and Additional Fees

Standard Membership:

Snap Fitness offers a standard membership package that provides access to their state-of-the-art facilities. The initiation fee for this membership is a one-time cost of $49. Monthly membership fees stand at $15.95 per week, providing affordable access to top-notch fitness equipment and services.

Joint Membership:

Recognizing the value of workout partners, Snap Fitness extends joint membership options. This includes access for two individuals under a single membership account. The initiation fee for joint membership is $69, with a weekly rate of $20 to $25. This offers savings for those who prefer to pursue fitness goals alongside a friend or family member.

Family Membership:

For families eager to embark on a collective fitness journey, Snap Fitness offers a family membership. The initiation fee is $79, with a weekly rate of $34.95. This membership accommodates two adults and up to three children under the age of 18, fostering a family-friendly fitness environment.

Student and Senior Memberships:

Snap Fitness is committed to inclusivity, offering discounted memberships for students and seniors. Students with a valid student ID can benefit from a reduced monthly fee of $12.95, with an initiation fee of $29. Seniors aged 65 and above enjoy a monthly fee of $14.95, with an initiation fee of $39.

Additional Considerations

  • Initiation Fee: The initiation fee serves as an upfront investment when joining Snap Fitness. It’s important to note that this fee is a one-time expense and varies based on the type of membership selected.
  • Cancellation Fee: While Snap Fitness allows members to cancel their memberships at any time, some locations may impose a cancellation fee. The fee amount and notice period depend on the specific policies of each Snap Fitness branch.
  • Month-to-Month Memberships: Snap Fitness provides the flexibility of month-to-month memberships. This is advantageous for individuals who prefer not to commit to long-term contracts, allowing them to tailor their fitness journey to their evolving needs.
  • Discounts and Promotions: Snap Fitness frequently introduces special promotions and discounts, especially during key times of the year. These can include waived initiation fees, reduced monthly fees for a limited time, or bundled packages. Keeping an eye on such promotions can lead to cost savings for potential members.
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Pros and Cons of Snap Fitness Membership


  1. Affordability: Snap Fitness stands out for its budget-friendly membership options, making quality fitness accessible to a broad demographic.
  2. Flexibility: The month-to-month membership structure provides flexibility for individuals who may be uncertain about committing to long-term contracts.
  3. Inclusive Pricing: The inclusion of discounted rates for students and seniors showcases Snap Fitness’s commitment to providing fitness opportunities for diverse age groups.
  4. Family-Friendly Options: The family membership option caters to households seeking a shared fitness experience, fostering a healthy lifestyle for all family members.
  5. Top-notch Equipment: Snap Fitness is equipped with modern and high-quality fitness equipment, ensuring members have access to effective workout tools.


  1. Varied Initiation Fees: The initiation fee can vary between membership types, potentially causing confusion for individuals seeking a clear understanding of the total cost of joining.
  2. Cancellation Process: While cancellation is allowed, the process may involve fees and specific notice periods. This complexity could be a drawback for individuals seeking a straightforward cancellation process.
  3. Limited Amenities: Snap Fitness, being focused on core fitness offerings, may have limited additional amenities compared to larger fitness centers. Individuals seeking a wide range of facilities may find this limiting.
  4. Potential Location Disparities: The amenities and size of each Snap Fitness location can vary, leading to differences in member experiences based on the specific branch they choose.

Unlocking the Snap Fitness Experience: Amenities and Beyond

Gym Amenities

Snap Fitness prides itself on creating a conducive environment for effective workouts. The gym features a variety of cardiovascular equipment, strength training machines, and free weights. Members can customize their fitness routines to align with their goals, whether it’s cardiovascular conditioning, muscle building, or a combination of both.

Group Fitness Classes

Many Snap Fitness locations offer group fitness classes to add diversity to members’ workout routines. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions to yoga and spin classes, the group fitness offerings cater to different preferences and fitness levels.

Personal Training Services

For those seeking personalized guidance, Snap Fitness provides personal training services. Certified trainers work with members to create tailored workout plans, offer guidance on proper form, and provide the motivation needed to achieve individual fitness goals. Personal training sessions are typically available for an additional fee.

Business Hours

Snap Fitness typically operates with extended hours, allowing members to engage in their fitness routines at their convenience. The early morning and late evening openings accommodate varying schedules, catering to individuals with busy lifestyles.

Additional Snap Fitness Perks: Free Trial, Guest Pass, and Membership Freezing

Free Trial

Snap Fitness understands the importance of experiencing the facilities before committing to a membership. Many branches offer a free trial period, allowing potential members to explore the gym, try out equipment, and participate in classes without financial commitment.

Guest Passes

The sense of community is integral to Snap Fitness, and guest passes contribute to this ethos. Members often have the privilege of bringing friends or family for a visit using guest passes. This not only encourages a shared fitness journey but also introduces new individuals to the Snap Fitness community.

Membership Freezing

Life is dynamic, and Snap Fitness acknowledges this by offering the flexibility to freeze memberships temporarily. This feature allows members to pause payments during specific periods, accommodating situations such as travel, illness, or other life events. The rules and duration of membership freezing can vary by location, so it’s advisable to check with the specific Snap Fitness branch for details.

Choosing Wellness with Snap Fitness New Zealand

In conclusion, Snap Fitness in New Zealand offers a blend of affordability, flexibility, and quality fitness services. From diverse membership options and family-friendly plans to top-notch gym equipment and personalized training services, Snap Fitness aims to cater to the diverse needs of its members.

Understanding the intricacies of membership rates, benefits, and additional features empowers individuals to make informed decisions on their fitness journey. Whether you’re an individual seeking an efficient workout space, a family aspiring for collective well-being, or a student or senior looking for budget-friendly options, Snap Fitness presents itself as a viable choice.

Embrace the journey, explore the amenities, and let Snap Fitness be your partner in unlocking the doors to a healthier lifestyle. The combination of affordability, flexibility, and quality fitness offerings positions Snap Fitness as a noteworthy player in the fitness landscape of New Zealand.

About Snap Fitness New Zealand

Snap Fitness is a popular gym chain in New Zealand, known for its modern facilities, comprehensive equipment range, and highly qualified trainers. With 47 locations throughout the country, Snap Fitness has been a favorite of fitness enthusiasts since it was established in 2003. However, with the cost of gym memberships always at the forefront of people’s minds, it’s important to look at Snap Fitness New Zealand prices.

In addition to the affordable membership options, Snap Fitness also offers several perks to its members. Members can use the gym at any time of the day or night, providing ultimate flexibility. Free parking is also available at most locations, making it convenient for members who drive to the gym. The gym also provides free Wi-Fi to all members, allowing them to stay connected while working out.

Overall, Snap Fitness New Zealand prices are highly competitive, and the gym provides excellent value for money. With flexible membership plans, 24/7 access, and a range of other perks, Snap Fitness is an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals without breaking the bank.

For more information about Snap Fitness New Zealand, visit their official website.