Jenny Craig Cost

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May, 2021. Prices on this site are updated each month.

The Jenny Craig cost initially seems too expensive, especially for people who have been on similar weight loss diet plans with little to no success. Studies have shown that Jenny Craig clients can lose 10%, on average, of their body weight during their first year – and that’s what you’re paying for! The effectiveness of the diet is attributed to its holistic approach wherein each client receives prepackaged low-calorie food, an exercise plan, and online tool for planning and tracking meals, as well as phone or person-to-person support.

Different Cost for Different People

Keep in mind that the cost for each Jenny Craig client will be different due to the actual cost of the food. Regardless of your chosen plan, you will pay a monthly fee aside from the cost of your food and its associated shipping charges. Since your meal plan will be different due to your individual needs, your total cost after completing the program will also be different from your fellow Jenny Craig clients.

According to Jenny Craig, the cost of the food per day ranges from $15 to $26. While this may seem too expensive, emphasis must be made that the food already comes cooked and prepackage – ready to eat, in other words – so the price is reasonable. This is especially true for people who want to skip the hassles of food planning, marketing and preparation.

The cost also includes the support provided by the Jenny Craig-designed weight loss system. The level of support differs depending on the membership level, said support of which can include health consultations at the centers, or by phone or via the website. There are also chat rooms, blogs, and members-only forum as well as online tools available as resources.

Prepackaged Foods Provided

Unlike most weight loss plans, the Jenny Craig plan doesn’t have prohibitions about food, neither are then so-called detox drinks and exotic foods on the menu. Instead, your daily food will consist of selected dishes from the 70 prepackaged foods prepared by the Jenny Craig chefs. You will be provided with about 1,200 calories each day depending on your present physical condition including your height and weight.

Aside from the prepackaged meals delivered to your doorstep, you can also enjoy other foods albeit at recommended amounts for weight loss purposes. You can add fresh fruits and vegetables as well as reduced- or low-fat dairy products, such as milk. The non-starchy vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, and peppers are preferred, as is the case for low-fat foods rich in fiber, protein and water.

You can even drink alcoholic beverages occasionally! But it’s best to avoid sugary and sweet drinks for obvious reasons.

The Jenny Craig diet may not be suitable for people with special dietary needs. Vegetarians and vegans, for example, may find that there are a limited number of meatless options and dairy is used even on the vegetarian entrées.

The diet is also low in fat and salt – the meals have less than 2,000 milligrams of salt per day. Gluten-sensitive people have to ask the nutritionists about gluten ingredients in the meals.

The Jenny Craig cost isn’t just about the convenience of the healthy prepackaged foods although it’s a major part. It’s also about the opportunity to achieve your desired weight loss results so we suggest to go for it!