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Insanity is a workout program developed by Shaun T which aims to improve body fitness in 60 days.

According to Shaun T., the regimen can achieve this by intense stamina training, and results are attained by way of high intensity cardio training and core strengthening.

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Does Insanity Work?

At the heart of Insanity is the max interval training technique where you do high intensity exercises for 3 to 4 minutes and resting for 30 seconds before repeating the process. Because of this, the workouts are more strenuous compared to standard interval training where you alternate between rigorous and mild exercises for equal lengths of time. Because of this unique approach, Insanity is able to produce significant results.

The Insanity Workout Exercises in Detail

The Insanity workout puts a great deal of stress on body weight as that is what you’ll use during the workouts. In other words it is your body that will provide weight and resistance. The only thing you’ll need is a towel and a floor mat, but other than that nothing else is needed. All of the starting exercises are centered on cardio and as the program progresses, emphasis shifts to strength training.

Different kinds of exercises are performed although the majority are done standing up. To add variety you’ll be jumping a lot, which should give your joints a pretty good workout. Some of the other exercises will have you doing stretches, necessary to make your body more flexible, and some yoga poses are included as well.

The Insanity exercises focus on at least two muscle groups, which is good because it results in a greater adrenaline rush and helps in faster fat loss. However that’s not the only benefit as Insanity also gives your testosterone levels a boost as well. Because of these compound exercises, your body will release more endorphins, relieving any pain you might feel after such a strenuous workout. Contrary to what some believe, the feeling after an Insanity workout is more of a relaxed one rather than sheer exhaustion.

When you start the Insanity workout, a fitness test is done to determine how ready you are for it, and the test will really push your body to the limit. Tests are done every two weeks to assess your progress. As for the schedule, you exercise every day except Sundays and each day the exercises get harder. It’s not just because you have to do more but because the rest period doesn’t change. Meaning you’ll be doing more strenuous workouts but your 30 second break doesn’t get extended. Monday is the test day and cardio recovery day is Thursday. You’re still going to work out but instead of cardio you do more balancing exercises.


The insanity workout provides several benefits, the most important being a reduction of your body fat percentage. As your body fat melts, muscles begin to take shape. Studies have shown the Insanity workout can reduce your body fat by as much 7%. Second, Insanity improves muscle definition as well as it adds muscle mass. Combined with the right diet the regimen will define your muscles and produce that sculpted appearance you see in bodybuilders.

The Insanity workout doesn’t just work on the abs although they’ll be defined as well. The regimen actually targets several muscle groups including the chest, quadriceps, the thighs and legs. Another advantage of the Insanity workout is it doesn’t take long to produce results. Of course people have different physiques and this affects the outcome of the program. But usually it just takes a week before you notice and feel the difference.

Even at the end of the 60 day workout period you’ll still be reaping the benefits of the program. The reason is as your muscles finally rest, they get the opportunity to grow. Also, almost all the workouts in Insanity are compound so your muscles will tighten, shaping your shoulders and flattening your stomach.

Insanity isn’t just about building and defining muscles as it also improves agility and increases physical endurance. Because there are certain yoga postures included you’ll end up with better posture after the workout program is completed.

Does Insanity work? The Insanity workout regimen isn’t for everyone. It’s not for those with a heart condition and you must also be capable of performing basic exercises like crunches and pushups. If you can’t do those, give yourself a couple of weeks to loosen your body before trying the Insanity program. Even if you’re in reasonably good shape, bear in mind that this regimen is only for the dedicated ones. Shaun T has made it perfectly clear that this is “the hardest workout ever put on DVD” so this isn’t going to be easy. However, for those who are serious about getting in shape and willing to do some serious workouts, then Insanity is the right program.

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