Ideal Weight Calculator

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There is no one person exactly alike to another person. Each person is unique on its own. That is why there is no one answer with regards to ideal weight. A man must weigh ideally different than a woman.

Likewise, other aspects are considered to determine the ideal weight for certain type of people. Issues to be factored in would be height, gender, fat and muscles, size of the body frame, among others.

Determine Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

To get your supposed to be ideal weight, you have first to weigh yourself, then determine your height. To make it easy for you, there are several BMI tables available in the internet that is standardized by health authorities

As an alternative, you can also compute it with a simple formula to get your exclusive BMI number then refer back to the table of BMI.

BMI’s, however, do not reflect the fat content inside the body nor does it reflect a muscular man or an aged woman in a true sense. Several calculations from other methods would have to be conjoined with BMI to have a closer picture of your overall health.


There are other methods available to better understand your health. Waist measure is one of these and a step higher would be waist-to-hip ratio. There is also the Skinfold caliper and all these can be done by yourself without the need for a health professional.