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The perceived beauty of a person is primarily through the eyes of another person which is generally the case for all of us. A woman would look sexy with a pretty face and a curvaceous body. A man would be hunky and macho with his physique.

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What we do not know, however, is that our minds perceive beauty because of the ideal body proportion that we see that subconsciously works inside our head. It is not the measurement of a woman’s body (36” x 24” x 36”) nor the man’s broad shoulders and muscles.

It is the symmetry of the body we see, and we see symmetry in all of nature.

The Golden Ratio

The ideal body proportion of a person adheres to the Golden Ratio that explains symmetry. Much to the surprise of everyone, this has long been practiced by artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci with his Vitruvian Man. 

Also, body trainers and plastic surgeons refer to this to accomplish their tasks with the closest ideal symmetry to achieve as much as possible. The Golden Ratio is 1:1.618. It is all over the body such as: waistline over shoulder length, distance between the eyes over distance to the chin bottom.

Specialist alter the deficiency to get to the nearest to the Golden Ratio by surgery or physical resistance training. Coupled with diet, exercise, and sometimes with supplements, reduction or addition to get closest to the Golden Ratio is possible.