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May, 2021. Prices on this site are updated each month.

The Flywheel prices are affordable enough that there’s no need to fly off the handle when you see them.

Keep in mind, too, that the Flywheel classes are among the most challenging in the indoor cycling sector.

Below are the latest Flywheel prices.

Item Price

Pay Per Class

Flywheel Packages

1 Class (Per Person) (Flywheel Package) $32.00
5 Classes (Per Person) (Flywheel Package) $31.00
10 Classes (Per Person) (Flywheel Package) $30.00
20 Classes (Per Person) (Flywheel Package) $29.00

Flybarre Packages

1 Class (Per Person) (Flybarre Package) $25.00
5 Classes (Per Person) (Flybarre Package) $24.00
10 Classes (Per Person) (Flybarre Package) $23.00
20 Classes (Per Person) (Flybarre Package) $22.00
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We have to say that Flywheel truly delivers on its promise of challenging and changing its clients via its personalized classes.


Established in 2010 in New York City, Flywheel has always focused on its goal – to create challenging and customized indoor cycling workouts that will encourage everybody to achieve their fullest potential and then push it to the next level.

Such focus is among the foremost reasons for Flywheel’s success with its FLY Fam community of more than half a million athletes and counting. The company has also launched FLY Anywhere, an innovative bike that allows its users to experience the epic Flywheel biking experience in their own homes.

Easy Sign-in Process

Individuals interested in the Flywheel classes can either visit the nearest Flywheel center or sign up via its official website. In case of the latter, you will be asked to create an account for free, which will then allow you full access to the website’s pages. You can check out the classes and their instructors, schedule and components, which are essential in making your booking decision.

You may also buy an exclusive introduction credit for $15 that can be used for your first class. Be sure to take advantage of the credit as it will expire within 14 days after you created your account. Plus, you have to check that, indeed, the credit is valid in whatever Flywheel center you want to use it in.

You will also be asked to provide your mobile phone number so that Flywheel can text the appropriate code. You will use the code in booking your first class at a discount.

Wide Range of Packages

Every Flywheel center offers several types of packages for its Flywheel and FlyBarre classes. These packages come with a specific number of classes and services, which are subject to terms and conditions like expiration period. When in doubt about the terms and conditions of the package, you can ask the instructor about your concerns.

The Flywheel packages are classified into two types, namely, single and multiple classes. A one-class package, for example, costs $36 and expires in 45 days while a 5-class package costs $175 with a 12-month expiration date. There are also 10-class and 20-class packages that also expires within 12 months, as well as FlyBarre classes with prices ranging from $36 (single class) to $660 (20 classes.

We suggest arriving before the time stated on your booked classes for many reasons. While a five-minute window is offered after the start of class, it may be voided because other persons on the waitlist may be given priority, even when you have already made your reservation.

What do clients say about the Flywheel prices? Suffice it to say that they are highly satisfied with the classes and their instructors as well as the quality of the services delivered. As such, they say that the prices may be on the high side but they get high quality services so it’s worth paying for.

For more information about Flywheel, visit their official website.