Floyd Mayweather Workout

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Floyd Mayweather is undeniably the greatest boxer of his generation, and could end up retiring undefeated in a year or so. While he’s not exactly the most revered sports hero, there’s no denying that Mayweather trains like a madman before his fights. Just looking at the Floyd Mayweather workout would give you an idea of how “Money” has been able to keep his boxing record immaculate.

Below is Floyd Mayweather workout routine:

Workout OptionsRepetition


Sprint Interval Training (30 sec)4-6
High Intensity Interval Training (4-8 mins)4-6
Sprint Interval Training (10 sec)6-8
Run5-8 miles


Shadow Boxing

Footwork, Punches, Movement, Stance, and Technique3 Rounds
Handpads (12 to 15 mins)4-5 Round
Right Hands, Hooks, Upper Cuts, Jabs (10 mins)1
Jumping Rope3 Rounds
Weighted Jump Ropes (3 mins)1
Weighted Shadow Boxing (3, 5 and 8 pounds)1


Abs Exercises2 Rounds
Ab Roll Outs50
Sit Ups200
Weighted Neck (25 Pounds)50
Push Ups150


Boxing is considered by many as one of the toughest sports. Going through a three-minute round is challenging for most men, so can you imagine how tough it is to last a 12-round match?

Mayweather’s ability to evade the punches of his opponents can be partly credited to his cardiovascular endurance. In building up his cardiovascular endurance, Mayweather would engage in sprint interval training for three weeks.

In spring interval training, the boxer would run as fast as he could on a treadmill or a hill for 30 seconds before resting for four minutes. He then repeats this four to six times.

On the third to 10th week of training, Mayweather increases the intensity of his workout. He’ll do high intensity interval training, where he runs at maximum effort for four to eight minutes then rest for a minimum of two minutes. He repeats this four to six times during a training session.

Studies have shown that high intensity training puts strain on the heart and cardiovascular system, enabling the body to deliver more oxygen to the muscles.

As fight night nears, Mayweather would taper off with his sprint interval training doing just 20 seconds of maximum effort but reducing the rest period to just 10 seconds. He would repeat this six to eight times.

Mayweather would also frequently run for five to eight miles, working on the slow-twitch muscle fibers needed to endure multiple rounds in the ring.


Mayweather has been undefeated in more than 17 years of boxing thanks to his quick reflexes. Whether it’s dodging a powerful haymaker from an opponent or throwing one of his vaunted counterpunches, Mayweather has relied on his speed to keep his opponents off guard.

Mayweather would usually start his training to improve his speed with three rounds of shadow boxing. Here, he practices his footwork, punches, movement, stance, and technique. It would take around 10 minutes for “Money” to get himself warmed up for the other exercises.

For the next 12 to 15 minutes (or four to five rounds in boxing), Mayweather hits the handpads usually held by his uncle and trainer, Roger Mayweather. After spending that much time on the handpads, Mayweather shifts his focus on the body pads. A member of his training team will come in wearing a body pad, and Mayweather will spend 10 minutes practicing his right hands, hooks, upper cuts, and jabs.

Floyd will then train with his uncle who wears hand pads, to practice not just his speed but also power. After ten minutes with Roger, Floyd goes to punching the speed bag.

A lot of boxers would have completed their workout after 90 minutes of training, but Floyd is no ordinary boxer. After finishing three to four rounds of punching the speed bag, Mayweather would continue with his work out and do three rounds of jumping rope.

Not contented with what he’s done, he puts five pound weights to his ankles and then does three minutes of weighted jump ropes. Mayweather would still have enough stamina to continue with his workout, amazingly.

Mayweather would continue pushing his body to the limit, alternating between 3, 5 and 8 pound weights for weighted shadow boxing. He practices his 1-2s, hooks, uppercuts, and trademark rolling shoulders while holding dumbbells on both hands.


Mayweather would start to taper off by doing two rounds of abs exercises. On the first round, he would do 50 ab roll outs. He then performs 200 sit ups.

Weighted neck exercises are up next, with Mayweather usually attaching 25 pound weights to a harness. He would raise it 50 times without a break. He’ll complete three to six sets in total. This exercise is deemed necessary to add strength in the next which would be useful in absorbing punishing blows to the noggin.

Floyd then finishes his workouts with three sets of 50 push-ups.

Aside from maintaining a Spartan-like approach to training, the undefeated Mayweather is known to be very picky when it comes to food. In fact, he has enlisted the services of an around-the-clock chef who manages his diet. The chef makes sure that Mayweather eats nutritious foods without enough nutrients to support his training.

Indeed, Mayweather has harnessed his God-given talents by working hard in the gym as shown by the Floyd Mayweather workout. He may not be the most popular athlete among fans, but there’s no denying that the man has worked hard and that alone should earn him a lot of respect even from non-believers.