The Best Cheap Fitness Trackers

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While elegant automatic watches do have their place, in today’s modern society you need a more functional piece of technology on your wrist. That means you need fitness trackers. The good news is that for the most part they’re all comparatively affordable compared to luxury watches.

The bad news is that some cheap fitness trackers are better than others, and it’s not always easy to determine which ones are the best.

That’s what our list of cheap fitness trackers are for. These offer good value for money, though it may mean that they all have their pros and cons.

Here’s a list of cheap fitness tracker in 2022:

[amazon box=”B01CX26IHQ” description=”A quick look at it explains its low price—it doesn’t have a display unless you connect it to your smartphone. However, it does offer audio coaching, and you can get tips when you’re running, cardio boxing, cycling, and swimming. It’s waterproof.
This can track you in 3D, so it can take note of your progress as you jump and climb stairs. It doesn’t need recharging, as its easy to change batteries can last for 6 months. “]

[amazon box=”B01LR9OFCG” description=”This is for kids and in a way for their parents as well. It comes in several eye-catching designs, and the wristband stretches so it can fit children forum 4 to 9 years old. Its battery also doesn’t need to recharge, and it’ll last for an entire year even when it’s worn 24/7.
With this, parents can use the smartphone app to track the steps, sleep, and other daily activities of their children. With so many overweight kids these days, parents will welcome the ability to use this fitness tracker to remind children of their chores and activity targets. There’s even a game on it that unlocks once these activity goals have been achieved. “]

[amazon box=”B01MSWJI55” description=”This has a very bright LED display, and this can display the data that it tracks. You can then see how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve travelled, the number of minutes you’ve been active, and the calories you’ve burned.
You can use this as a simple stopwatch if you want. Set this up with your smartphone, and you can also use the display to get the notifications for calls, text messages, and calendar notifications. This can also check the quality of your sleep, and it can vibrate as your alarm clock. “]

[amazon box=”B011O0KWKM” description=”Wear this 24/7, and it can check whether you’ve achieved the daily goals you’ve set for yourself in terms of the number of steps you take, the distance you cover, and the calories you burn off. In fact, it can even vibrate when it notices that you’ve been inactive for too long.
This can also track the quality of your sleep, and it can work with the H7 heart rate sensor so it can track your heart rate continuously. With the free app, it can even help you out with your workout planning, and by offering guidance and motivation. “]

[amazon box=”B017WL5PUY” description=”This too doesn’t have a display, but it does work with your Android or iOS smartphone wirelessly. The battery lasts for 7 days before you’ll need to recharge.
This tracks your resting heart rate along with your steps and calories burned. It’s also a superb sleep tracker, as it somehow knows when you’re in light sleep, deep sleep, or in REM sleep. It even sets the alarm on its own so you’ll wake up at the optimal time! “]