The Best Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells

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Dumbbells make a lot more sense than barbells, since you can use them safely without a spotter. Adjustable dumbbells are also better buys than your fixed-weight variety options, since you don’t need to use up too much space at home. You don’t even need to spend all that much either, as you can find cheap adjustable dumbbells that can get the job done.

The prices of adjustable dumbbells can range widely. The more affordable ones go for less than $100, and some even have a price tag under $50. The premium models, on the other hand, start at $250 and you can even find models that cost more than $550! Obviously, that $500 difference is considerable.

It doesn’t mean, however, that you need to suffer bad quality dumbbells when you get a massive bargain. Here are some examples of how you can get a good set of adjustable dumbbells without busting your budget:

[amazon box=”B000VCDXNS” description=”This is a bestseller in this particular niche, and obviously the $50 price tag is partly the reason for its popularity. But you get a lot even for a very low price.
Here the weight goes up to 40 pounds for each of the pair of dumbbells, with 4 plates weighing 2.5 pounds and another 4 plates set at 5 pounds. It comes with a plastic case too.
The handles are very comfortable and the grips are ergonomic, so you can get a secure and comfy hold. The collars are securely threaded and they have a rubber trim to eliminate any metal on metal squeaking. The iron plates look nice with its semi-gloss finish, and they’re also rustproof and basically maintenance-free. “]

[amazon box=”B007WKK5HE” description=”If you really need a lot of weight to lift, then this is the model you need. Each dumbbell in the pair can reach up to 52.5 pounds each, so that’s a total of 105 pounds if you’re using both dumbbells at once.
The setup is very easy, and there’s no need for tools. You can increase the weight by as little as 2.5 pounds, so that you don’t get shocked by any abrupt increase in the resistance. The solid chrome handle is textured for a secure grip, and the collars and handles are securely threaded. “]

[amazon box=”B009GC76QO” description=”As you can see from the options, here you can pick the 40-pound model if you’re like most people. But you can go up to 100 pounds for each dumbbell if you’re a huge and experienced athlete. You can also increase the weight by 2.5-pound increments.
The 16-inch handle is knurled for a better grip, while the rubber trims on the collar are loose-resistant and minimize the rattle. “]

[amazon box=”B00MS36EW0” description=”Now if you don’t need a lot of weight to lift, then this will work for you. The adjustable weights can go up only to 12.5 pounds for each dumbbell, and that’s plenty for newbies and for women. It looks great, and it has a storage pad for the dumbbells when you’re done. “]

[amazon box=”B005UD5YPI” description=”The weights go up to 22 pounds each for this set, while the handle is ergonomic. What makes this different is that here the weight discs are made of plastic, which minimizes the irritating noise and it eliminates any possibility of damage to your floor. “]